Thursday, December 22, 2011

all the time i will love you

all the time i will love you love photo love image,
all the time i will love you love note love quote love image love photo,
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  1. Love your blog Michelle !
    Some of the photos are amazing !

    Ms S Xx

  2. everytime i look at this blog my heart strings flutter, so beautiful!

  3. bomb blog, this other blog equally bomb worth the look:

  4. Love never dies! All I can say! <3

  5. I love you, to infinity and beyond xoxo

  6. Such a sweet post! Love the picture too!

  7. i'm following (: that blog is awesome :O

  8. this pretty much sums it up :) i love you!

  9. so powerful in its simplicity. absolutely love this heartfelt confession.

  10. i really love this handwritten note...

  11. Your blog is amazing. Some really cool images on here and awesome quotes/little written pieces.

    Much love,


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  14. Thank you for this blog and comments. I have been crying a lot tonite because I haven't stopped thinking of my 1st love (N) since June this year. It has be 27 YEARS!!! I have tried to move on and buried the memories and pain and something happened to me this year that triggered the memories. I have had a hard life because my dad died and my mum had bipolar that made my life hell. I met N when he was 19 and I was 15 and it was love at first sight. We fell madly & passionately in love and couldn't get enough of each other. I even changed him as he was a notorious playboy and party animal...but as soon as he fell in love he was loving, faithful and smitten to the point of his friends and brothers saying he was whipped. I was a depressive because of my home situation and he did a lot to help me be happy, he took care of me a way a parent would. He knew I was delicate and needed taking care of so he did. He was not only my 1st love...HE WAS MY FIRST EXPERIENCE OF LOVE! 3 years later disaster struck because of differences in culture & religion his parents married him off. He was in a tough situation, even when he tried to defend our relationship his dad kicked him out and left him destitute....and in true love when you love someone you don't want their lives ruined....and I would have been kicked out of home as well my mum would not have tolerated his 'ethnicity' either. I told him to just get married and we remained friends until I went off to University. We lost touch (no internet or mobile back then). In my last year I heard he had been divorced because he was so unhappy...but I never contacted him because the situation would have been the same....his family controlled his whole way of life and he knew nothing else in a country where a whole community can prevent you from finding a means to earn a living or commit 'honour crimes' ( I regret not contacting him). The only other time I heard of him was in 2006 when a relative of mine said she had seen him in the old neighbourhood several times. I was so tempted to give her a note to give him with my email and phone number....but was too scared. Again I REGRET it!....I have over the years tried very hard to forget him and move on and 3 times I have found 'decent' men and given it 100% but it has somehow never worked out. I am 43 now but I love that man like the 15 year old. I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way....I was starting to think I am some over-sensitve weirdo that needs to snap out of it....but it seems a lot of people here also had a deep true love and have never stopped loving them even though they had to move on. I have always thought about N....but the event that triggered my childhood memories just brought back the flood of memories and all the emotions and feelings I had about him....we never stopped loving each other, but our parents separated us....I wonder how they feel knowing their children have been deeply unhappy?! What parent chooses culture and religion over the own children. I know people from our ethnicities and culture who married with their family's blessing and lived happily without any problems. A cousin of mine married a guy of whom it is VERY TABOO to marry outside his culture but both families are even if it was 1989 with was still archaic thinking!

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  16. These words are very sincere and genuine. They show how strong can be the feelings. It is wonderful that you have experienced similar emotions.

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