Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i don't want us be strangers

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i don't want us to be strangers love quote love image love photo, http://weheartit.com/entry/23116988
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  1. xoxo so sweet

    C | www.linenandleaves.blogspot.com

  2. Some people can and some can't be friends after a break-up. It's impossible to say which road is the right one. You just have to trust your instict. by accepting the situation can make you deal with the unbearble feeling brick by brick. but again it will also lead you to differents paths you didn't know existed, on your own. one of the important things i've realized is the love for myself.
    I'm not speaking for everyone, but what I also realize is even though i'm still recovering, love is still worth having no matter how much it hurts. love is still the greatest gift we can have, and i don't even have to explain why. Don't fall into the darkness or fall into someone else's arms because you're afraid. Don't run away. Even though the empire you built with a person you love is destroyed, you have a chance to re-built it again. it's in your power. And next time when you let someone in again, and when that person checks out you're empire won't be blown away by a hurricane this time. What i'm trying to tell is that, love and respect for yourself can take you and help you through painful things. No matter how hard it is. Go out in the world with both feet on the ground and figure out who you want to be and who you want to be it with. Someone is out there waiting for you. Don't ever forget that. Everyone one of you who got their heart broken is worth loving.

    Like I said, I'm not speaking for everyone. And I'm not beeing naive either. I don't know what all of you feel or going through but I can sure relate. Don't forget, it's better to feel that burning ache in your heart than pretending those feeling don't exist. let yourself feel real emotions. I promise it will more and more set you free.

    Don't ever loose faith.
    Christopher Reeve once said,
    "Once you choose hope, anything is possible."

    /Love and light. /G

  3. I disagree with this....sometimes you have to just let go and move on. On the other hand some people can remain the best of friends! That seems pretty incredible to me.



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  5. I'm still waiting to become un-strangers...

  6. Being friends with your ex is an awkward thing. And most of the time they end up into being strangers again. I guess it still depend on the situation or the things that happen before a couple broke up. That's why closure is important.

  7. after a love like that? there's no way we can go back to being anything. it was so great, beautiful, destructive.

    let's honor the relationship that once lived by leaving it where it belongs - in the past. in our hearts.

    its hard to see these words coming from my own proper thoughts, a. i am always hoping, wishing, missing you.

    but now go show the world what i saw.

    i love you a. forever.


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