Friday, January 13, 2012

don't get attached

don't get attached love image love photo holding each other,
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  1. Love this. Im feeling too attached to this boy and its driving me crazy. I've always wanted to find love, but when its one sided, its so difficult.
    Constantly checking my phone, waiting for a text from him, letting him control my emotions is so unhealthy. I wished I never met him.

  2. It's 1.14 AM. I can't get him off my mind.

    I read this post and I realize that it's just what I'm wishing for - that I hadn't gotten attached.

  3. this is actually quite sad ...

  4. I know I cant have him and I still cant help being attached . He is the one I want to turn to every time whether sad or happy .

  5. I like this post, really great, christian louboutin will continue to focus on it.

  6. All this while.. For each and everyone I met, I keep telling myself not to get attached.

    Ended up being alone... Hidding myself at one corner and feel sad about it.

    Just be brave to get attach and get hurt.
    Parts and parcel of life.

  7. Check out this blog!

    It's so cool that this person is writing whater it wants!

  8. sometimes i had to tell me that repeatedly to save my heart

    xo katrina

  9. how about 'don't wear uncomfortable shoes!'?


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