Sunday, December 11, 2011

so damn emotional

so damn emotional love image love photo,
so damn emotional I need to stop being so damn emotional love quote love image love photo,
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  1. There needs to be more happy love stories and happy love pictures. This blog used to be really great at celebrating love, now it's so much more depressing.

  2. I find this blog still a great mix of happiness and love has so much of both...

  3. I agree. Getting my heart broken over the smallest things, and crying out little details. Just so... emotional.

  4. I never noticed the ratio of sad love stories to the number of happy ones.

    But I do think that love has more sad endings than happy ones (at least early on)

    So this is a good ratio because it fits the mood of the majority.

    But when that happy story pops up it reminds us why all these sad posts are really gonna be worth it...eventually lol

  5. I really love your header! is amazing!

  6. I feel the same too everytime. I feel bad for almost every little, creepy thing. I am very emotional, and I need to control this. But I think it's a long process.
    It's pretty good to read about people who feel the same :)

  7. My friend says I should stop doing this...


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