Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i'm not able to not LOVE you

i'm not able to not love you i want you nothing else just you love quote love photo love image,
ph: weheartit

I wish it was easy to stop, to just make my hands and heart let go and tell them to rest before they latch on to the next guy that I compare to how perfect you are. I still love you so much because I loved you so much then, and I don't have a forgetful heart. You were perfect. You treated me so unbelievably perfect that my standards are now as high as they go. But it sucks, almost four years later and still you're the only one I want to be that good to me. There's just no one else. I'm not willing to push though and start loving anyone else, It's only you. Your rudeness, your sarcasm, I'd prefer it, I'd prefer it over any and every southern gentleman that shakes my hand that's still only longing for yours. I want you back, I wasn't ready to give you up then but you seemed so excited and ready for the change that I had to look like I was as strong as you. But you know me, you know i'm not ok without you. My happiness has been so little since we split. I LOVE YOU. I'm not able to not LOVE you. I don't want to not love you. Maybe these words will get me nowhere, I'll settle and deal. But always remember...It's the "tot" that counts.

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