Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i'm not able to not LOVE you

i'm not able to not love you i want you nothing else just you love quote love photo love image,
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I wish it was easy to stop, to just make my hands and heart let go and tell them to rest before they latch on to the next guy that I compare to how perfect you are. I still love you so much because I loved you so much then, and I don't have a forgetful heart. You were perfect. You treated me so unbelievably perfect that my standards are now as high as they go. But it sucks, almost four years later and still you're the only one I want to be that good to me. There's just no one else. I'm not willing to push though and start loving anyone else, It's only you. Your rudeness, your sarcasm, I'd prefer it, I'd prefer it over any and every southern gentleman that shakes my hand that's still only longing for yours. I want you back, I wasn't ready to give you up then but you seemed so excited and ready for the change that I had to look like I was as strong as you. But you know me, you know i'm not ok without you. My happiness has been so little since we split. I LOVE YOU. I'm not able to not LOVE you. I don't want to not love you. Maybe these words will get me nowhere, I'll settle and deal. But always remember...It's the "tot" that counts.



  1. So am I ;)

  2. I imagined for a minute or two that my first love (guy) wrote this for me. It fits me. Only it doesn't fit him so that's the 2 minute stop ;p

  3. wow, same as anon above, i pictured it as if this was written by my first love for me, as well! It really does fit...even the initial is the same (except this was written by a female)

  4. y is it so hard to forget the past? it haunts me evry time , and make me sad and even my present bf.

  5. It's tough but we just have to swallow our courage and move on because the next day can only bring bigger and better things.

  6. If you're having a hard time letting go, realize that if they wanted to stay, they'd still be there. Stay strong and keep looking forward :) Its good to have our high standards, but if a man is treating u like a gentleman and giving you something new, then accept it or we'll never be happy as girls. We all human, and I love this blog :D

  7. I can totally understand this...

    It's been three months and I still can't let go. It's gonna be a long journey from here...

  8. I couldn't have said it better myself...

  9. Wow... I really can't feel your pain. I'm not able to, because I've never experienced such a thing. Not being able to forget for four years - that's so much time!
    But maybe for all this time you've remembered only the good stuff... you've idealized that man...maybe he wasn't good enough.
    In order to find someone else, you should LOOK for him. Maybe he's somewhere near, but you don't notice him, you're too busy living in the past. As a girl said in one of the comments, remember: "If he wanted you, he would've stayed." Painful, I know, but true.
    I'm sure there's someone else out there, who will treat you well. You just have to look around you.
    Good luck! :)

  10. Wow, I've been feeling the exact same lately. Though it's only been 4-5 months, not 4 years.. Just scared no one will ever measure up.. that I'll just keep comparing them to him. Even if I'm enjoying the person I'm with.. I always look back to how happy I was in the years I was with him.. I don't know if and when this will go away.. but four years is a long time. I hope things get better soon.

  11. word for word.
    4 years for me too.
    i can't stop loving him.
    some days and months i'm stronger than the last...
    but i always end up back in the same place.
    it's like you pulled this right from my heart.
    hang in there, S.
    you're not alone. i promise.

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