Monday, November 21, 2011

caring about anyone else

caring about anyone else love photo love image,
unknown source- missing+you
ph: weheartit + unknown


  1. hi!
    I know the source of this photo.

  2. Hello, i've been following your blog for a long time. And i need some help! Can you please help me with something. I'm in a really weird situation. I'm in love with a guy i just started to see before i left, i'm on the other side of the world for 1 year. I've been in love with him sinse june 2010 and in the beginng of this year we become friends with benefits. I was fine with that, i still am. But he has a ex girlfriend that i cant stand. They were together for over 4 years but have now been broken up for almost two years. She was 12 when they first started dating and 17 when they broke up so ofcourse will they always be a big part of eachothers lives but.. Me and the guy is talking alot and he's really excited for me to get beck home, i get back in may next year. But he randomly puts on pictures of his ex on facebook. I dont know, i just need help to figure out what i should do? I feel like i wanna say something with a " fuck off " meaning but i'm in love with him so i cant. Can you please help me with some texts, qoutes, or sayings where i can find insperation. Because i always go in to your blog and read and it makes me feel good. But i need something with attitude, something with girlpower, cz i wanna tell him that i cant deal with this anymore.

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