Tuesday, August 30, 2011

if you're not looking for love

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This doesn't normally happen to me. I'd describe myself as an average girl, pretty, tall and skinny. Average. I've been called beautiful but by people that I didn't take seriously. I was so surprised when he messaged me. He wanted to hang out with me! We met briefly through friends and made light conversation. But, there was something about me that he liked. I was so nervous for our first date. I was a mess. But sitting in his car I relaxed and conversation just flowed. It was so easy with him. I could be myself and not worry about how dorky I looked when I laughed or how uncoordinated I am. He loved every bit of me. I soaked it all in. Every time I get a text or thought about him my stomach would get all funny, like there were butterflies where organs should be. When he told me he had to go, I didn't know what to do. It's not like I fell in love with him after that short amount of time. But I was definitely in like with him. I can tell he's thinking about me when he texts me first or in the middle of the night. I get a goofy grin whenever I text him. If I didn't know any better I'd say I'm falling in love with him. He knows it too. I can't wait until he comes back :) This truly doesn't happen to me. But it did when I least expected it, if you're not looking for love, it'll look for you.


  1. So true!!! I found my love when I wasn't looking at all as well. And kept it ever since :-)

  2. Almost to the second I stopped looking and thought I was giving up I met my boyfriend. He saw my waving hand instead of my other friend. I'm so happy I stopped looking to find him! =)

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  3. I literally fell into my boyfriend's lap. I was at a party and was knocked off my feet by some drunk girls. He was sitting on a couch behind me chatting with another girl when I fell backwards into his lap.

    After introducing ourselves, we both started talking about how we weren't looking for anything serious...

    That was a year ago, and we've been inseparable ever since :)

  4. That was scary reading, i felt like i wrote it. I know how people say "i felt the exact same thing!" but i seriously did. I'm that tall kind of clumsy girl that never really felt love, and never really expected it either. Then i met him, just like you met your guy and we had an amazing first date and whenever he texted i would get butterflies in my stomach. I never got the chance to fall in love though, he just moved far away for 4 years and i'll probably never see him again.. But i'm glad for you that your guy is coming back and i wish you all the luck! You give me hope :)

  5. I'm not looking for love, so what can I do to not let it find me ???
    If you wonder, I'm afraid to get hurt for third time in my life... ;D

  6. Yay a happy love post ! I'm all for these :)

    So here's another cliche' to add to the list - Love found me when I wasn't looking for it too.

    It catches you off guard, because it's in that moment you realise how unpredictable and grand life can be. You're more grateful that it found you and that you didn't have to waste precious moments dwelling on finding it.

    Like a watched pot that never boils, love's never found when searched for.

    You just have to be patient :)

    Sorry for the cliche' quotes, but hey, this love post and I are an example that the quotes are true.


  7. Its a cliche that is so true, just when I vowed not to be obsessed over relationships and guys, we fell in love in France :)

  8. Can I say...


  9. I remember a moment something like this.

  10. This is a wonderful and refreshing story. I love reading positive love post-they give me so much hope and opens up a brighter, happier side to love without all the painful baggage. Love it!


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