Wednesday, July 27, 2011

no one else

no one else love photo love image daniela alexandra,
no one else and ever since I met you no one else is worth thinking about love quote love photo love image,
ph: Daniela Alexandra + ellemenoh


  1. other guys don't even cross my mind...
    I love you

  2. meeting you was the end of every other girl. you are my forever. <3 I love you, always.

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  4. I feel this exact same way about my now I can't move on after 2 years-

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  5. Beautiful. Love the photo :)

  6. ...yes, YOU! ..and the sand, the ocean, the footprints being washed away, the sound of the waves crashing, the smell of the sea, the feeling of fleeting eternity, the touch of your hands, the smell of your hands, the wind blowing in the face, the warmth inside...

    ..that leaves an imprint in my soul, a nostalgia/trauma i will always long for :(

  7. like the post .. and the moment of this picture .. thanks a lot for the post

  8. Go to sleep please Cement Commentors, too..

  9. Crazy love, ever since we met. There no time in the day that I'm not thinking of you.

    Every second, every minute, and every hour your always in my mind.

    Your like a bubble gum, when you stick, always stuck.


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