Sunday, December 5, 2010

if i had no other way



  1. I would do the same. I'm new to "thousand miled between" ... And I wonder how do you do it? I sometimes have good moments, sometimes I wonder if everything is worth it ...

  2. One of the sweetest lines I ever heard from a song. <3

  3. I'd walk to her if I had no other choice. There's still a long way ahead of me, of us and I know everything will be ok.

  4. It is funny.
    Time is making me selfish.
    I would not be able to walk a large distance to see nobody.

    As the time pass, I find no one deserve my tears, my laughs, the honour of my presence.

    Life is bringing me sadness and skepticism in large doses to my heart.

    God Bless All The Readers of this Blog!!


  5. yes! love always finds a way...

  6. Love does always find a way. Nothing else makes sense if you are denying yourself love and happiness. Be true to yourself and your feelings and the rest of life's troubles solve themselves. xoxo T.O.E.<3

  7. i've always loved this line (:

  8. Love. Love makes people happy. But it can also destroy people. Let's be honest, love is destroying me now for ages.
    After he left me, I thought that life would be easier; no more fight, no more tears, no more dilemna and more freedom. But I forgot a thing when I decided that i would be fine; no more affection.
    I tried everyhting to forget him; i went out way more, i drank way more, i also became a binge-eater, waiting for more affection. So i decided to move on and i did what i thought would be the best solution; i left, i left my home, i left my family and my friends, i left what i know just to feel better. Now i'm here, sitting in my kitchen millions miles away from him and i'm still thinking about him, i'm still thinking of what he brought to me, how he made who i am and how i miss him.
    Nothing helps, i'm millions miles away, still lost and still lonely.

  9. 'our friends will all make fun of us,
    and well just laugh along because,
    well know that none of them have felt this way,
    delilah, i can promise you,
    that by the time that we are through,
    the world will never, ever be the same...'

    from memory. i heart this song

  10. i love love love love love that song

  11. Ill be waiting with presents, and a romantic surprise.. You wourld give Me a reason to get up in the morning,
    so I can make You a big breakfast in bed.. And I can behave like a true Prince and gentleman IRL, and I know You can be a true Lady if You try..

    I love You, no matter what...

  12. dear anonymous...dont keep running away from people or from emotions. See it as a journey .. it will be over soon and there is light at the end of the tunnel. This is a process.. let it happen. Let the pain sink in.. let it take over you..don't struggle so much. An on a practical note - stick to your family and friends. NEVER run away from them. Isolation is not the thing for you right now.

  13. As for this post! I love it. I once travelled in rain..all wet and soggy to see him.. just to see him..

    it all ended.

  14. I dont run away from emotions. I hate coward People like You intense! I live My life as I want and You dont have anything to do with it.. I hope You get a severe colon Cancer You fucking Tard...

    "all wet and soggy to see him.."

    Sad You didnt Die asshole. And for last, respect People Who wants to be ANONYMOUS, You dumbass...

  15. WOW anonymous, its 'le love' not 'le hate...' please be nicer or at least more respectful... jeez... they were just trying to help you

  16. So good. I will never get tired of this song, no matter how overplayed everyone else says it is..

  17. My boyfriend lives in Milano (italy), I live in New York City. Do I need to say more?

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