Monday, November 8, 2010

too sexy for my ex

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  1. Love this. Really what I needed!

  2. Great to see a really optimistic message, this is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment!

  3. I just had this epiphany last night! This is exactly what I needed, thank you.

  4. Exactly what's been on my mind!
    FUCK my ex xxx

  5. I love You so mutch Li...!
    I have been thinking so mutch on You sweetie, I admire You so mutch for being so brave, and still belive in Us though everything We both have gone thru..
    Ex.. Ex.. I can never see You as that, I love My freedom, but i realised I love you even more..
    My mistake was taking you for granted like "Shes is always there if I feel lonely".. I wont make that mistake again.. I dont know how serious You want to be, but Im not 20 anymore, I guess I dont know were to start, and were to take the first steps IRL.. I have tried to take You with Me on a trip to NorthAfrica, but perhaps You wourld like snowboarding better, and living in a loghouse with an open fire and in front of it a Polarbearskin were You can "rest" after a long day skiing.. Or We can just play with fire... (there are many of these places in norhtern Sweden)
    Ill wait for You, but not forever..
    Its time for the Girl of My dreams to become the Girl of My everyday reality.. Im not lacking proposals from Girls and Women, but they arent My soulmate, You will always be My soulmate no matter what happens...

    "i´m too sexy for my ex."

    Yea, poor Guys lucky Me! LOL!!


  6. great!



    Currently.. I'm in love :)

  8. This won't actually have effect, I suppose like this.


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