Sunday, June 13, 2010

would have

ffffound + knownasme


  1. god. i've said that so many times...

  2. Yesterday was Valentine's day here in Brazil, so Happy Valentine's day for everybody.
    You who have boyfriend or girlfriend have the most beautiful thing in the heart, enjoy this lucky.

  3. ok, i've never actually said that out loud, but the thought came across my mind on several occasions.

  4. I like the way they kiss :)
    and you, what's your favourite kiss? choose here:

  5. But.... you messed it up and now im here thinking about the could of and would of....

  6. if you just stop wanting things from me without telling would work

  7. would have, yes. but also still can be :)

    someday. its never, ever too late.

  8. yeah ... we would have been perfect together but you're the one who ruined it .

  9. i love, love, LOVE this blog.

    the photos speak volumes.
    the stories are relateable.
    and i can't get enough.

    i had to start my own blog to put my thoughts on paper (or the web for our generation).

    check it out if you have a minute :)

  10. I wish things would have worked out between us if it weren't for betrayal.

  11. hi dear.
    your webloge is so beautiful...

  12. i met a great guy but the timing is all so wrong. it's really quite sad...
    - we would've been amazing together.

  13. He made my heart beat faster and made me believe in my capability of being a dreamer and sucker for love with pink and fluffy dreams about life and love.

    But he had to leave to the States and I wish he could for one second imagine how amazing and strong we would have been together. Maybe he does but will I ever know?


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  15. yep, that's for sure.

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  17. Yes.. we could. And now, I hope there is still a chance.

  18. we COULD have been amazing together

  19. We could, we really could have been amazing, happy and phenomenal together. But cry as I may, these tears won’t wash you away.

  20. we could have been so wonderful and perfect together if not for our insecurities that kept us apart and from truly loving each other.

  21. i wish people who like each other know what the other person's thinking.. it would be nice if they liked each other at the same time. it would be nice if they weren't so scared of rejection.. if they couldn't see properly. when they liked each other all along. it would be like that story.. "100% perfect girl" and they never knew.. they were so close but they never knew what each other felt.

    :(, lhuke

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  23. we would have been amazing together if you weren't afraid of your own emotions.

  24. yes we would be amazing togther<3
    it would be too good to be truee

  25. we would have been amazing together ..
    it's just too bad he couldn't see that.
    he still can't see that

    thank u for posting my message!
    xoxo from sweden!

  26. we would have been more than perferct together, maybe that was the wrong way to begin... I don't know, maybe someday everything will be as it should have been, right?

  27. This will not have effect as a matter of fact, that's what I suppose.


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