Wednesday, June 23, 2010

like i have never been hurt



  1. at times, that fear may strengthen, help us move forward to become better at love

  2. sometimes i just wish i were more brave, more adventurous andget into that thing youall talkabout and at thesame time fear, LOVE ..

  3. I'm from Brazil and I'm in love for your blog. It's wonderful! Makes me laugh, cry and see that I am not the only one that preserves the love of best friends. It's so hard to find, sometimes I feel lost. I come here and read everything you write, you showed me the good side of things, the bad and the unknown. I like it, I love you for it! I'm 13 years old and if I could pick something, pick your words to comfort me, you're magic! Makes me feel so good, so pure ... You are incredible! Love you. haha sorry my terrible English.

  4. I was just thinking this today. I realized yesterday I am still in love, desperately in love with someone I was with years ago. We hurt each other so badly and neither of us have recovered yet. I just wish we both could love the way we did before we hurt each other. I still ache for him, I only wish we weren't afraid.

  5. Lovely quote and photograph,
    But maybe the fear helps us be a little wiser when we do love. Makes us less impetuous...

  6. beautiful...the firt pic is amazing!

  7. you should totally use this:

    "happiness is a journey not a destination
    work like you dont need money
    dance like no one's looking
    and love like you've never been hurt"

  8. I love the quote and photography!

  9. i have wished this for myself on several occassions... :)THE BEAUTY OF FIRST LOVES <3

  10. Being hurt makes us smarter.

  11. I wish this for myself can a be a bitch.

  12. but loving through the hurt makes it so much sweeter.... have hope! it may slow things down, which is ok, but don't let it stop love.

  13. Yeah, been hurt makes us smarter, I agree, I don´t think it makes us been stronger in any way. No matter how many times I keep getting hurt because my own vulnerability. But nowadays, I am way smarter, tolerant, and understanding of the nature of human beings, I don´t hate those ones who hurt me any more; in fact, I love them wishing they grow up.
    Other cuote my friend told me today "Fear is the mixed feeling of exciment and the unknown"

  14. Love this quote!


  15. Me too. I really feel this way. I'm crying at the moment, thinking of you. Aware of the fact that you may not feel the same way about me, that I'm not in your head everyday. A text from you makes me happy in a foolish way, like it's special. You had me, you still have me. You just don't know, or maybe you just don't care. You know I exist, I was happy for that once. But I just want more. I want you. I want you to get to know me, you liked what you saw once. When we were on our first date. Or maybe it's just me calling it a date. You make me sick. I can't let you go. I wish I had my innocence back...

  16. ^thats just how i feel :(

  17. I think people can love without fear even after having gone through pain (or have lost their "innocence"). It just means that they're so much braver-- despite knowing what pain is, despite knowing fully well that they could get hurt again, they still choose to love, fully and deeply.

    I wish I could be like those people, but I am still mending my wounds. Right now I am empty- I have nothing to give.. but someday I hope I can be whole again and be able to love fearlessly.

  18. I'm terrified of the thought that we wont be together forever. i need you in my everyday life. you've completely made me who i am. i've been without you, and it was the worst time of my life. I can honestly say that. you're my world. i love you. don't break me.

  19. That is so true.
    We'll never look at the person we love at the same way we looked before. With these mistakes on our lives, we learn a lot. Some people say that at least it gives us more strength but it kinda depends of the person. I know I will never ever forget this guy but when I start thinking of all I have been through with him, I never thought how could I survive.. I wish I have never been hurt to have that amazing feeling of being in love and don't care about the consequences. I miss those days when I was completely innocent and I always thought I had a chance for everything.
    When he started to hurt me, I realized that the pieces could never been fixed again.
    I miss the TRUE feeling of LOVE ♥


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  21. ^ Yes, send me 2 of each one. And a new heart too, please.

  22. i think the more hurt,then the deeper the is and always will be bittersweet</3

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