Saturday, May 22, 2010

i love(d) you



  1. loved.
    Because he treated me like filth.

  2. loved.
    he cheated on me, abandoned me, ripped my heart into pieces.
    but he still holds a piece of my heart.
    and i want it back.

  3. better to have loved, than not loved at all :(

  4. bcz u didnt think I was worth an efford

  5. because i put all my time and energy into.
    because i was there when you were having a messy night and i would drive an hour out just to pick you up and get you home safely.
    because what i thought was love was nothing but a game to you.
    and because you climbed into bed with her, you dis-respected me.
    and therefore i use to love you.
    and although i choke on the thought, i no i always will..

  6. you are doing nothing, and nothing is what you get

  7. Ohh, that hurts.

    I loved her
    for who she was
    I love her
    for the memories she gave me
    and I will always love her
    for she deserves to be loved
    even if it isn't by me

    and that's what hurts.

  8. I loved him,
    I do love him,
    And I will love him.

    Even if he is the person that disgusts me the most.
    He is also the person who pleased me the most.
    And I can not let it go.

  9. Helloo,
    Great blog- it really is looking lovely and very inspirational.
    I have just started up my blog recently, and just trying to get it out there :)
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  10. loved him, because he was so incredibly wonderfully beautifully perfectly imperfect. loved because he loved me too, and he told me, but i never could. love because even though i don't know if he does anymore, i love him still and i WILL tell him someday. i have learned from my mistakes.

    loved, love, will love, its all the same: its still love and its still incredibly wonderfully beautifully perfectly imperfect.

  11. i agree with Little Miss..

  12. loved him.

    but he never loved me.

  13. cute. the same pronounciation but the whole different meaning.=p

  14. <3 this post and all the comments

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  15. i loved him because he made me feel beautiful
    because he knows me better than anyone else in this world
    because he is my best friend
    because he is the only one
    because he is unique and perfect
    i love him
    even though he broke my heart
    even though he messed me up
    even though i cry myself to sleep everynight, drowning in thoughts of him
    even though he calls me and texts me only when he wants something
    even though he has other girls on the side
    even though i'm "just another girl"
    i loved him... i love him... and i always will </3

  16. loved and love but he doesn't love me anymore.

  17. There is something beautiful about this image.

  18. I loved him....and I still love him more than anything. But I will never let him know that because he doesn't deserve it!

  19. love is so effed up

  20. Loved...because I was taken for granted.

  21. Loved.
    Because I was naive and didn't know there were better people out there.

  22. Loved.
    It was the only time I cried over a boy when I told my self I never would.

  23. I love(d) you back then when I thought you would be the one to bring me happiness, and I really loved you with all my heart & soul.

    But you took my heart away and slammed it into a million pieces 2weeks later when you said that "things won't work out" - after all that we had done, after all you said to me.

    I stopped loving you the day I found out you had been going around telling people YOUR version of the story, the untrue version.

    Ever since then, my love for you diminished. Till nothing is left.


  24. i loved you when i didn't know that, i love you when i shouldn't love you anymore, i will love you because you will be my life

  25. because you threw me in a corner and ripped my heart out.
    because you said you loved but left anyway. you left me to be with Her.

  26. because you threw me in a corner and ripped my heart out.
    because you said that you love me, but you left anyway. you left me to be with Her.

  27. because you lied instead of loved.

  28. love and loved. do you really ever stop loving someone? i don't think so, not entirely.


  29. and even if we still love each other, you don't have the guts to tell me in my face, not even a nice word, you coward, how could have been so easy breaking my hart then...

  30. i wish i could say "loved" but i can't. and on the other side i really dont want. i still love him and i dont think that this will change in the next few months.

  31. im never gonna be able to say loved.
    it will always always always be love.

    even when we're mad
    even if we're pretending to just be friends
    even when we haven't talked in 6 months and i get glares from the girl whose trying to get you, or when we stop talking again and the girl whose almost gotten you realizes that you've slipped back to me again, because you'll never be able to say loved either.


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