Friday, February 26, 2010

your scars

thanks alice!


  1. That truly applies to both mental and physical scars.


  2. "..they make me love you even more."


  3. i believe in life after death, and my religion's philosophy is that when you arrive there, your body will be in it's "perfect state"... I have always hoped that i will not be in a "perfect state," but instead, that i will still have all my scars. each one means something and represents an experience. i don't want them to be gone. i think that my, with my scars, is my perfect state!

  4. I love this because people can get really self conscious about these kinds of things, sometimes its hard to believe in unconditional love

  5. Beautiful

  6. words that are so simple yet so beautiful.

  7. WORDDDD :)
    I hate him. but love him, as well.

  8. hey! thank you for a wonderful blog. i am having a problem with viewing the pictures! it just won't work, so i can't see any of them. i've never had this problem before, it started a few weeks ago & i have not changes anything on my computer. your other blogs works just fine, so what can be wrong? thank you for your help & keep up the good work! ciao


  10. I love that. My boyfriend still loves me even though in the past year that we've been dating I've realized I'm an alcoholic, and I love him even more for not leaving me because of it.

  11. i'll love him no matter where our love brings us next.
    we can get through this..

    wish me and my somewhat boyfriend for the moment, of 9 months some great great luck

  12. Amazing blog...
    So special in this inmense blog universe...
    Best wishes from Spain ;)

  13. That's real love :)

  14. what a coincidence!
    I just got into a really bad car accident that left me with really deep scars on my eyebrow, nose, eyelid and lips.

    makes me feel better, thanks. :)

  15. Aww. This is fantastic, i love it. We all have them, there's beauty in acceptance and admiration of the journey we've all been on to get those scars.

    Love this!

  16. perfection.

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  18. oooh I hate him and I also hate to admit that Ive never been able to forget him

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