Sunday, February 28, 2010

it was not



  1. This is lovely,

  2. That is printed onto the in-seam of my basic t-shirts. It's rather nice to find it when its flipped.

  3. Great post! I like it so much

  4. That quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AW :) Ok too many exclamations.

  5. Ok so I'm ready for him now. The man thats going to do this. I want to be in love again. Where are you?

  6. This here romantic soul, LOVES this.. LOVE.. x

  7. And because of this, I will try to fix you.
    I will try to heal you with my love and prove to you than you can trust again, but you will not listen to my voice, only the one in your head.
    I will be guilty forever knowing that you never came to love. I took but I could not give back.
    So I write here anaoymous in the hope that one day you will read this, know it was meant for you and find me, come to my love.
    But you never will, and I will love again. And you will forget me.
    And someone will read this and it will inspire them , but for us, for me and you.
    Its finished, its a hole never filled, a stain never removed, the outfit discarded and forgotten.

  8. I wish I could of been there, to touch the place in your heart, like you touched mine.
    I will love you forver but you will struggle to remember my name, the touch of my fingertips on your skin. The pressure of my body against yours.
    How could someone so incapable of loving me, touch me so much?
    Tell me, if you know tell me.
    My body screams your name, I look for you in every face.
    I crave you endlessly.
    How doe this work. How does this happen. What can I say?


    quotes for love & life

  10. im glad u used the pic i sent :)

  11. beautiful words

  12. that's so true, I wish you had never touched my soul and my heart so deeply, cause now I just can't remove the mark you left here... :(


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