Wednesday, December 16, 2009



  1. Nawwwwwwwww. Yet another reason why having a cool black boyfriend would be awesome :) xx

  2. love say everything. love is everything. no one can live with out to love.

    kiss :*

  3. The boy I've loved all my life passed away today.

    Love this pic.

  4. i wish this photo came in a poster. it's beautiful!

  5. skg I am so sorry!!! keep your head up <3 he's watching over you

  6. i LOVE this photo!!!


  7. Yet another reason why having a cool black boyfriend would be awesome

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  8. Okayy whattttt, this is my photo. How it ended up on here i have no clue, i posted it on my tumblr blog and specifically said not to remove the credit because the guy in it is a friend and he didn't even want me posting it in the first place so this is really wierd.
    credit it please, if you want more details contact me on my blog via formspring

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  10. love say everything. love is everything. no one can live with out to love.

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  11. Great blog, love the pictures I have a few I will email to you.

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