Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i just wish you knew how much.


It all started one night in a dingy college bar. The typical over indulgence of alcoholic beverages, something many college students embrace with open arms. However this night was much more to me, it was the night I met you. Little did I know this would be the night that forever changed the way I looked at love. When you pulled me away from that table of overly intoxicated girls in an attempt to save me from any further agony I knew you were different. Our conversation was bleak and meaningless but it was enough to make me want more. I wanted to get to know everything there was to know about you and more.

So it began the little games we all play. Waiting two weeks to establish contact was something I thought little of at the time, because I had not discovered the truly wonderful qualities that make you so unique. From the moment I text you I could tell there was excitement on both ends of the conversation. You asking me to come play and me painfully rejecting your offers in fear you would think I was just some guy looking to get lucky. With every message I was growing more restless. Finally one night while out drinking with some friends I received a text from this new romantic interest of mine, my stomach grew queasy. I knew tonight would be the night I was go to see the girl who I found to be incredibly intriguing.

I grew nervous as I walked alone to meet you. All of this waiting has all led up to this one monument; my heart was pounding through my chest. As we make eye contact you could see the excitement on our faces. Our conversation was fueled by our intoxication instantly we both wanted each other. One thing led to another and that turned in to our first kiss. Tucked away in the corner of the dueling piano bar the world around us disappeared. This was a feeling of ecstasy I have never experienced before. I was hooked and wanted more.

It was from that moment that we shared together in the corner of the bar that I knew I wanted to pursue you. Hanging out with you became my main motivation in life. I have never felt the way I did about you. Not wanting to rush in to the sexual part of our relationship I waited for the right time and it was nothing short of perfect. You seemed so innocent, it was intriguing. It was not until the monument right before we had sex for the first time and you asked “you’re still going to like me in the morning right?” that I knew you truly cared. I was yours for the taking.

This blossomed in to an amazing relationship. Where my biggest reward was seeing you’re beautiful big brown eyes and you’re cute smile. I would do anything for you; you’re nothing short of amazing. However with our relationship came its fair share of problems.

When you drank you became hurtful to the extent I felt as if I didn’t even know you. You would blame it on you being drunk and I would accept this. Now, that I have had time to cope with our situation and our break up. I must ask did the alcohol bring out you’re true colors? Was alcohol what our relationship was based on? I find it very hard to believe you loved me the way you said you did if you can walk out on what we have built together.

Alcohol what our relationship was founded on ultimately was the demise of our relationship. Ironic I must say. This has forever destroyed any hope I once had for “love” to be found in bars. Alcohol brought out sides of us that we would never dare show in a sober state but even with this knowledge we continued to drink and drift further apart. Could it be that we love partying and alcohol more than each other? This is a thought that tears me apart inside day and night I cannot stop thinking about it. How could something that felt so right be so wrong at the same time? And why cannot I not give up and walk away? You treat me like dirt know, I cry daily but will never tell you this because of the fear you will judge me and this will only give you the upper hand in dictating the status of our relationship.

Staring at the blank screen on my phone in hopes you may text or call has driven me to my breaking point. I need to step back an catch my breath. But first you must give me back my heart which you ripped out of my chest that Friday night. I will not allow myself to be there for you, only to have you say and do horrible things to me. However after all of this and the pain you put me through why do I still love you?
I ask myself everyday where is the beautiful girl I fell so madly in love with because you surely are not her. I will forever love you because you opened up to me and let me see the person you truly are. I know who you are and this is not it to the slightest degree. I will be here with open arms when you find yourself, just don't ask me why I won't be able to answer that.

I Love you, I just wish you knew how much.

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