Friday, August 14, 2009

just because...



    what i've been trying so hard to say, put so simply :)

  2. This is exactly what I needed to hear.
    My boyfriend and I have been so busy this month and we haven't had as much time as usual to see each other.
    I've been taking it personally even though I know I shouldn't.
    So thank you le love.
    This made it click with me and know that it's not that he doesn't care.

  3. The thing I love about this blog is that it's about LOVE not just romantic relationships.
    I need to remember this about my friendships. Thank you for posting it

  4. I agree Cali Bird.
    I also love that this blog is about all aspects and types of love,
    whether it be the fairytale moments, the heartache, the real ways in which we connect with people ("I told my therapist about you"), the tough times when we have to try really hard to make it work, the laughter, the cozy mornings, our first loves, the lonliness, the fights, the simplicity of our moments together, the complicatedness of our thoughts and feelings, or any other part of love.
    I've never come across anything (not another blog, a photo, a movie, a song, etc.) that showed love so well and so fully as this blog.
    It's absolutely awesome to have a blog like this around.
    Thank you, Le Love.
    I love you!

  5. this is so true on so many levels. i definitely need to borrow this line the next time the situation calls for it. Thank you Le Love.

  6. That hit the nail on the head. I always feel bad when my bf don't have time to see me for a too long time, and I act stupid and it's stupid, because I know we're not living in a fairytale, of course there's work and other people and everything.

  7. My boyfriend needs to say this to me

  8. This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. My boyf just started college and well.. It just feels like things are changing quite a bit. Thanks for this <3

  9. saving this and sending it to my loved ones ( :

  10. i love your blog, it's so lovely (:
    these are just the words i needed to hear.

  11. Love this. My love is in law school and I'm a new teacher, so this needs to be our motto!

  12. This is so true and I am trying to make this clear for months!

  13. I love this.
    The words are so true!

  14. So true again!
    But somehow i have a difficult time accepting the words, because the boy i'm starting to fall in love for told me something like this on our first date. Reading this words here makes me calm.
    Feeling he really meant what he said. Just because he IS busy.

    Thank you so much! :)

  15. This cannot have effect as a matter of fact, that is what I suppose.


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