Saturday, August 15, 2009

a mother's love

As many of you know, my father has been ill with cancer this year. Because of this, it has been a difficult time for me and my family. I just received this touching email and it hit very close to home. Please remember to love those in your life and acknowledge the love they give you...

My stomach flutters whenever I look through your blog. I get jealous knowing other people have someone else loving them so much. I had my trials and tribulations when it comes to love so I am very pessimistic about it. I tend to shun affection shown by other guys just because I dont want to have to go through another heartache.

One day, I sat myself down and I cried at my loneliness. How can nobody love me?
Suddenly, my mother came in and placed a cup of tonic drink in my room. Then I realised that I have been loved all my life. I just didnt acknowledge it. Any other love is nothing compared to a mother's love. MY mother's love. What is so special about my mother's love you ask? Well, she got struck with breast cancer. The whole family told her to let loose. Dont give a damn about anything. Do this for yourself. Don't worry about anything else. However, no matter how sick she is, she still shows us she loves us in the most trivial ways that we take for granted. From making sure we have breakfast ready when we wake up to making sure we have money in our bank accounts so we can have a fun time with friends. She goes through so much during chemotherapy. I accompany her after arguing with her for hours on end. She doesn't want me to come along. Why? Because she wants me to have fun with my friends. She wanted me to enjoy my youth while it lasts.

My mother has sacrificed so much for me. Before cancer hit her, everyone took her for granted. Only when we are put through tough times like these, then we count our blessings although it might be too late. So now, whenever I read your blog, I dont feel ashamed and jealous that I dont have love like that because on the contrary, I have the best love ever known to man.

A mothers love.



  1. i hear you dad has cancer too. he got better and now the stupid cells are back again. its a really hard time for the family. but i bet its harder for him as well. jus like hana, my dad wants me to live life as normal as i cud and try not get in the way of my life. always making sure that i have money or do things i want in life just like how life was before this happen.

    these are challenges in life we face that makes us stronger. i dont know how strong i can be.
    i know how u girls feel...totally. reading this blog, makes me a little bit stronger knowing that im not the only one who has to be strong. knowing that people have situations like me, i feel that i should be brave and help the person in need more than to think abt myself.

    i hope that our parents and whoever have a love one who is sick (with cancer etc) would be able to be motivated n get well as soon as possible after their treatment.

    im loving this blog more n more. most of the entries touched my heart deeply. thank you for having it! keep it up will you! =)))))

  2. Absolutely great post. My mother has a very progressive form of MS, and it has in many ways "destroyed" her life. Yet she and my father have always protected my sister and I and focused on loving us and taking care of us in the same ways, giving us a normal life. This love has changed us all in remarkable ways and is a gift that has made me one of the luckiest people on this planet.

  3. I envy everyone who can experience a mother's love. I believe it is one of the strongest kinds of love, although I cannot relate to it. It is so hard when the person that has done the worst things to you, the person who put you through impossible mental struggle and let you down on every single occasion, who, even when you begged her in tears to help you, just let you alone. And you suffered and almost lost your mind. And this person is your mother. It takes so much, there have to be so so many things to make you hate your mother with fervent hass and make you never talk to her or see her again -- my mother has managed to do so quite easily.

  4. An amazing post, one of my favorites on here. I lost my father 13 years ago to cancer and there is not a day that I do not think of him. I was 15 when he was diagnosed and as I look back on those months of chemo and sickness.. my only thoughts are of when he would make us our favorite meals, or listening to music by the fireplace, and my favorite memory of all..teaching me how to make his special greek new years bread. I tought my sister and we carry on his tradition every year.

    Cherish your family and the times you have together.

  5. This is a beautiful post.
    Our family situation is quite a difficult one at the moment. My brother who is only 10, is abusive towards my mum. She has bruises all over her body. My brother refuses to seek help. I feel ashamed to say that myself and my siblings take our mother for granted.
    This story has inspired me to show respect and love towards mum. Why hide how you feel? She does everything for us, she should deserve the same treatment in return.


  6. I feel for you and hope that you enjoy the time you have with you mom. I tried my best to do that with my dad before he passed a few months ago and am glad I did. Thank you for your many beautiful posts, they are such a wonderful gift!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. I can empathize as well. My mom has been battling breast cancer for the past 15 years and three years ago it came back in her spine and hip and ribs. She's had several rounds of radiation, but I know she is growing weaker. And my dad was diagnosed with dementia last summer and immediately moved to an assisted living home. It's very scary, at any age, to be losing both of my parents at the same time.
    Thanks for a beautiful post.

  8. the thing mom and I arent that close. I mean we work together and live together but other than that we lead our own lives. Tomorrow she is going out of town for two weeks and today i heard her ask her friend to go to a movie and her friend said no. So...even though I too had already said no, I changed my answer to yes and we are about to leave for the movies... I did this because I know I love my mother and know that this is one way I could show it to her. then I came to this blog (like I do every other day) and saw this post. I know I made the right decision by taking her out tonight.


  9. My mom's had Leukemia for twenty three years. It goes to "sleep" sometimes, but never remission, and it will never go away. She's usually surviving with trial drugs and the latest meds. So many times she has been told "six more months" or "two years" but every time she gets past it. I grew up with it though, so it's never been such a big deal. She never talked about it when I was little-- it was just our norm. In middle school I realized it wasn't normal, it was unfair. It was rough then, first realizing that any day could be the day the statistics and numbers win. They only have to win once. It's incredible to me, how much she goes through without complaint. Sometimes I hate that she won't tell me when she gets bad news, but I know she does it out of love for us. She knows she's strong enough to overcome it with God, or to go home to God.

    So I guess I relate.

  10. so beautiful. and so true. it's better to have this realization now then never at all or when it's "too late."

  11. this is really sweet. makes me appreciate my mum a whole lot more. This seems trivial, but i have a cold at the moment and mum is looking after me and making me tea and everything... so lovely :)

    Thanks for sharing your story Hana :)

  12. I posted two of your pictures on my blog and linked you under them. I hope you don't mind. if so, tell me and I'll have them removed. love all of your blogs :) hugs

  13. that's beautiful.

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  15. this is so touching.i can't imagine what she's been through, but i wish her all the health in the world.and that's right, love comes in different ways, and the most powerfuk one is the one of a mother...

  16. The most beautiful post.
    May God bless all of those wonderful people who hold a special place in our lives.

  17. So glad I stumbled across your blog a couple months back, it makes me smile everyday, thank you!

    with love,

  18. my mam has a rare cancer , very rare. i have set up a site to inspire and make ppl affected directly or indirectly by cancer, smile. I use things from your site sometimes. please have a look xx

  19. Hana's mom said:
    My dearest Hana, I am very touched and proud of you. It is never too late to count your blessings. I am still counting my blessings despite what happened. Do remember that somehow when you are faced with adversity, strength pays you a visit. It will invite itself in and begins it's transformation on your inner being. I know you will always stay strong. Thanx you for being there for me always!


  20. thank you for this post.
    i needed it more than ever. X.


  21. wow. this is just wow.
    i cried when i read that letter, my heart goes out to all of you. I have no idea what you're going through and i guess i'm the typical person who takes everything forgranted. but becuase of your post, i'm going to try and notice these little things. thank you.


  22. Aw, that made me cry. Thanks for sharing that with all of us. It was so sweet.

  23. My dear, it's never too late. I'm your mom's distant acquaintance whom she has never met before. I'm a breast cancer survivor too. I'm only 31 this yr. Having cancer and 3 young children was tough for me. Will I ever get to see them grow up? What kind of memories will they have of their mom when they grow up? Why be caught up with the past or future? We should live in the present. Cherish the people around you. Don't be afraid to say sorry. Having the courage to say sorry liberates your mind and soul. Your greatest gift to your mom is to live your life to the fullest.

    Heard you did a great job in giving your mom the mental and physical support that she needs. I'd be proud if I had a daughter like you :)

    Have faith!

  24. Wow hana, that was beautiful. Im so touched my this blog and esp this post .. reading this just made me want to wake up my mum to give her a big hug and kiss.. I hope your mum gets better and thank you for your post xx

  25. A mothers loves is unending. It is priceless. It is richness. It is truth. It is air. Without her I do not know what I would be, but with her near me all I know is that I am complete. Your mother brought you into this world and it is only through her timeless love-filled teachings that you will learn how to survive in it when she spreads her wings into the next.

    To all our mothers, let us never forget to say : thank you


  26. Hey Hana, your mum told me to check this out and so I did. I am so glad I did because I can relate. Your mum is still very much alive and I know that every single minute counts but how precious it is to have a mother whose heart remains selfless and giving even in times of struggle and pain. Family is truly all we have, no matter what, and it is especially at times like these that we truly bond and are much closer, no matter how far away we are.
    I am proud of you...continue to stay strong...

  27. This post made my cry xx

    Thank you for sharing Hana. It made me realise that I'm not alone.

  28. This can't have effect in reality, that's what I think.

  29. It can't really have effect, I think this way.


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