Saturday, August 15, 2009

a mother's love

As many of you know, my father has been ill with cancer this year. Because of this, it has been a difficult time for me and my family. I just received this touching email and it hit very close to home. Please remember to love those in your life and acknowledge the love they give you...

My stomach flutters whenever I look through your blog. I get jealous knowing other people have someone else loving them so much. I had my trials and tribulations when it comes to love so I am very pessimistic about it. I tend to shun affection shown by other guys just because I dont want to have to go through another heartache.

One day, I sat myself down and I cried at my loneliness. How can nobody love me?
Suddenly, my mother came in and placed a cup of tonic drink in my room. Then I realised that I have been loved all my life. I just didnt acknowledge it. Any other love is nothing compared to a mother's love. MY mother's love. What is so special about my mother's love you ask? Well, she got struck with breast cancer. The whole family told her to let loose. Dont give a damn about anything. Do this for yourself. Don't worry about anything else. However, no matter how sick she is, she still shows us she loves us in the most trivial ways that we take for granted. From making sure we have breakfast ready when we wake up to making sure we have money in our bank accounts so we can have a fun time with friends. She goes through so much during chemotherapy. I accompany her after arguing with her for hours on end. She doesn't want me to come along. Why? Because she wants me to have fun with my friends. She wanted me to enjoy my youth while it lasts.

My mother has sacrificed so much for me. Before cancer hit her, everyone took her for granted. Only when we are put through tough times like these, then we count our blessings although it might be too late. So now, whenever I read your blog, I dont feel ashamed and jealous that I dont have love like that because on the contrary, I have the best love ever known to man.

A mothers love.

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