Thursday, December 5, 2013

i'm not in love, but i want to be

Photo via: Sandra Beijer

There's this boy,
When we meet he smiles.
When we go separate ways he comes running back to give me another goodbye-kiss.
When I'm cold he gives me his hoodie, I thought that didn't actually happens.
When we kiss he lifts me up and denies that I weigh too much.
When we sleep, we sleep. Nothing more.
When there's no room to sit, he makes me sit in his lap.
He hugs me from behind.
He rests his head on my shoulder.
When we're in bed, or any other place actually, he sings for me even though he can't sing.

He is probably the best I'll ever get but I don't deserve him.
When he sits next to me I don't feel the urge to hold his hand.
My lips doesn't crave to meet his.
My eyes don't search for his.
I don't find any point in talking to him about anything just to talk.
My heart doesn't pound and my blood doesn't rush.
I'm not in love, but I want to be.
I want to be in love with him.
I know he'd catch me if I fell for him.
So how do I fall?
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