Wednesday, February 19, 2014

he is dating someone else

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Dear lelove,

I'm writing this to you on my phone at 3 at night, hoping and wishing it will give me some comfort.

Last year I met the love of my life, he was perfect for me. We had enough in common to make it easy, but a lot of things we thought differently about, making it interesting. I could talk to him for hours. I would hold my phone line I would do now until I fell asleep while replying to his messages. I was so deeply in love with him.

We broke up 2 weeks ago after a stupid fight. He said he needed time alone and that he couldn't handle a relationship anymore. So after a year of intense loving, talking about moving in together and marriage - I was single. I lost him. We kept talking for a week or so, I kept trying to convince him to stop acting stupid and just to continue his life with me. But he didn't want to. He wanted time to figure out who he was and what he wanted. He loved me and didn't want to hurt me by being with me without wanting to.

Today I found out he is dating someone else.

The thought of this sickens me to a level I can't explain. He, man I trusted on his word. The guy I wanted to be with for the rest of my life was dating someone else. Two weeks. Fourteen days. How could you forget about all the things he said to me in 14 days? How could he have washed off the taste of my lips so fast? How could he washed off my scent off his pillowcases? How could he have forgotten the touch of my hand. How could he say to me that he needed time alone, that I gave him that time and pushed aside what I needed for a man that betrayed my trust and sleeps next to another women after 2 fucking weeks?

I'm broken.

I lay here in my bed with his scent on my pillowcases, the taste of his lips in my mouth, the feeling of his fingers still in my hand. I want to scream until the windows break. I want to hop into my car and drive to him and slap him. I want to hurt myself. I want to run away.

But instead I'm laying here in my bed, trying to figure out how I could ever love someone like him. Typing this in the dark on my phone that he bought for me.

I think I'll smash it after I send this to you.


  1. I'm there with you right now, girl. I just can't understand it. I am so sorry.

  2. Oh wow that's strong.
    He was and still is just a boy. You were unlucky and fell in love with the wrong guy.
    Sounds like lies, acting selfless but truly in fact selfish.

    I just got out of my first ever relationship, it hurts but it'll heal quick and I'll be happier. He was a nice boy but nevertheless a boy.

    Don't hurt yourself, learn to love yourself when no one else will. At the end of the day you are all you've got. Be strong. Be a woman.

  3. i grantee their is someone out their that is 1000X better for you :) we all gotta through the bad ones to find the good ....chin up :)

    1. Exactly! I'v been through it and found an amazing man. You truly have to kiss a lot of frogs until you find your prince :)

  4. My heart aches for your tears. It's hard to phantom this could be true. Take care of yourself-go get your hair and nails done. Show him you can be on your own. Sounds like you are exhausted...don't let him keep you from caring and loving yourself.

  5. Like everyone is saying, be strong. cry, yell and scream if you have to but keep it moving. You will find greater. I know it hurts like hell but you will be alright. Give time some time. Everything heals after awhile.

  6. Sorry dear. Dont hurt yourself, its not worth it. You deserve better. Listen to music, keep thinking of the hurt he caused you and youll soon realize he wasnt worth it. Something better is in store. Hugs.

  7. I'm feeling the exact same way. I'm truly sorry for you, I know how much it hurts. My ex-boyfriend broke up with me four weeks ago and is already in a relationship with a different girl, who doesn't even speak our language. All three of us work together and it hurts like hell. But even though it was just four weeks ago, I can feel how I heal slowly. Very slowly of course and I still cry myself to sleep but I know that there will come better days! And so will you!

    Be strong, we can do this.
    I'm with you.


  8. Dont be sad ! you deserve for someone better!! take care and remeber never give up! xx

  9. As someone who went through this a few months ago back im letting you know it gets better. At the end you become a better person because of such experiences.

  10. If you love someone you don't need "time alone", those words are just excuses because people can't be honest enough to just say "I don't want to be with you anymore". After a breakup there is no certain time limit before dating someone else, but he should have just told you how he felt instead of a bad excuse. You will get over him and you will find your true soulmate.

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  13. Such a coward he is. I hope you find the right guy for you. - Ritter Standley

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  15. Four and a half years of loving him more than anything in the world. My devotion to him was absolute. He breaks up with me the first time, I accept without really having much of a choice. For eight months after, we'd still behave like a couple, without him acknowledging that fact.I resisted at first, but I couldn't stay away. 30 days after having been with me, he began "seeing" someone else. A month. After nearly 5 years together. I died that day, and for months later. 3 years since that day, he's still with her and I still struggle with acceptance, forgiveness and healing; but I promise you, it gets better. Its a road filled with hurdles, but you'll never be the same again.You'll be someone he doesn't deserve to have. Just keep at it. Persevere like the force that you are.You are not alone.


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