Monday, July 9, 2012

everything i'll always remember

love quote linen paper did you forget everything ill always remember love blog
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  1. He has. I know he has. He's forgotten it all. Because if he remembered, things couldn't be how they are now... He forget that once, he loved me.

  2. Guys i need your help!! I am trying to forget a crush but i have to see him daily that too romancing someone else! I act normally but lately its getting painful. What should i do?

  3. did u really forgot him. first forget him from ur hearth. U don't think anything or any moment which u spend with him. Only think u can forget him. If you are not able to forget him then share your sorrow, sadness to your close one. Or make a new friend who is good and nice to you.
    That good that u act normally when u see him. continue acting like it. If u really want to forget him then don't keep anything of his with u. Give it back to him. Then u will feel relax..

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