Tuesday, July 10, 2012

better to have him as a friend

ph: crysstalized

i love your smile - cause it makes me happy
i love your hands - cause when you hold me i fell like i'm home
i love your voice - cause it lights up my whole day to hear it
i love your hugs - cause they makes me feel special
i love your chest - cause your heartbeat makes me calm

but most of all i love your eyes - cause when i look into them i see you

this describes exactly how i feel when i am with him (the boy who is everything; beautiful, nice, funny, sweet, understanding... just perfect, you know). how every touch makes my heart beat like crazy, but also how much they hurts because he isn't mine. how i want to stay in his arms forever- but can't. that i feel like i'm the only girl in the world when he smiles at me, and how it breaks my heart when we're apart. that everything i dream of is to share my life with him. i don't care if i'm not the first girl he ever loved. i just want that i'm the last.

i so badly want to tell him exactly how i feel. i dream of that - but i am to shy and soooo afraid that it will ruin everything.

it's better to have him as a friend than don't have him at all. but it hurts so much.
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