Tuesday, July 10, 2012

better to have him as a friend

ph: crysstalized

i love your smile - cause it makes me happy
i love your hands - cause when you hold me i fell like i'm home
i love your voice - cause it lights up my whole day to hear it
i love your hugs - cause they makes me feel special
i love your chest - cause your heartbeat makes me calm

but most of all i love your eyes - cause when i look into them i see you

this describes exactly how i feel when i am with him (the boy who is everything; beautiful, nice, funny, sweet, understanding... just perfect, you know). how every touch makes my heart beat like crazy, but also how much they hurts because he isn't mine. how i want to stay in his arms forever- but can't. that i feel like i'm the only girl in the world when he smiles at me, and how it breaks my heart when we're apart. that everything i dream of is to share my life with him. i don't care if i'm not the first girl he ever loved. i just want that i'm the last.

i so badly want to tell him exactly how i feel. i dream of that - but i am to shy and soooo afraid that it will ruin everything.

it's better to have him as a friend than don't have him at all. but it hurts so much.


  1. tell him, he probably feels the same for you

  2. You have to tell him. Otherwise you'll spend the rest of your life wondering. I took a chance and told him, and even though I messed things up in the end, I wouldn't have done it different for all the world. Take a chance!

  3. You have to tell him.. you'll ruin the friendship if you would keep this a secret. If a guy does it to you, it's called betrayal. Girls cant do the same.

  4. Tell him! Take a chance you never know where it leads..

  5. oh i feel for you have the same issue. I just cant help to cry abit when i read this, it went straigth to my heart, hope you like me can find the courage to do something to make that guy your boyfriend :')

  6. I Can see myself into it, so thank you!! :')

  7. Just tell him. Knowing is a lot better than not knowing. I did that mistake. Still wondering... after a year of not seeing him. It hurts so badly.

  8. tell him! the unknown hurts more than the truth.

  9. i was in the same scenario but i was the guy i told her and it all went well :) you should cause it just hurts so bad

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  12. Familiar. Hope you have the courage to. And that you're mature enough to forgive him if he doesn't love you. Think of how he would feel. But still give it a try. Sometimes, time is the only thing that can make someone love you.
    -Greetings :.)

  13. tell him ! ! i doubt you'd feel all of this if he didn't feel the same towards you in the first place .

    un peu


  14. This feeling is all too familiar.

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