Thursday, February 2, 2012

the happiness of the present

unknown source -- tumblr_lx6i2sdo4c1r87nxzo1_500_large
ph: Thiago Ramos + unknown


  1. The past was forgoten, the present remain in our hands to cherish and love it as if tomorrow will never come, the feature is a mystery

  2. yeaaa i live with present as well. ..i dont think abut my future..thats better

  3. FRom blog to blog I just found yours and really loved it! I have already become your follower! I will be around here so often!I leave you my blog!hope you like it and support me aswell! BEst wishes!By the way i think you are gonna feel identified with my last post:)

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  4. looks like paris

  5. true. learn from your past, live your present and hope for the future. be blessed because you have today because it is "present".

  6. yups, what happened in the past stays in the past, you can bring memories, but be sure it's good, if not, better live it like that,.. you know, you cant fully love someone if there's hatred left in you.. :)


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