Tuesday, January 17, 2012

to find someone new

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ph: Stefany Alves

I have thought about it many times.
Perhaps mostly because everyone besides myself seems to wonder when I'm going to find someone new. But I don't let it get to me. I'm not looking for someone new. I'm far from ready and I don't want to be in a relationship. I just started to let go of my previous one.

There is a time for everything, and now is my time to heal. To grow strong and be whole in myself. Learn to live with myself, my scars and my memories. Learn how to always feel safe within and not let that one single frightened voice in my head (the ego) stop me from having an open heart and dare to love unlimited.

What has been, has been. What is now is now. The rest is still unwritten.


  1. I love this. Beautiful. Thank you for those words o
    f wisdom.

  2. Glad to hear you are so level-headed and optimistic. :)

    Love Grace.

  3. i never found any posts that can describe my feelings better than yours. all your posts are just like my mirror.

    can i copy this post and write it in my blog?

    I'm gonna write the author of course, wouldn't dare to admit it as my own.

    and it's gonna be an honor if you willing to :)

    thank you so much for your nice words.

    hang on dear, one day you'll find someone new, in the right time :)

    have a nice day or you

  4. Nicely written I must say!

    A lot of people tend to take time as a healer. Think about how you can make yourself feel better today insteading of waiting how time will heal your wounds.

    I believe that you're already a lot stronger than you think. You're doing this on your own.

    Much love.

  5. I love your article
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  6. youre so right! good for u being strong and not giving in to your friends. when your ready for a relationship but not being in one is absolutely fine. i currently dont want a relationship either. ive got so much on and i really dont need commitment right now.
    youll know when youre ready so enjoy being single and focusing on other things x

  7. Wow this is exactly my life right now. After 2 years and a half i'm finally starting to let go, and it feels damn good. Hang on, our time will come :).

  8. This is so beautifully said and I feel very much in a similar place at the moment. Love the last line!

    Liesl :)

  9. We all have some demeanding to do once in a blue hale.

  10. Yep! thats what its all about using the times in our lives where things are changing to be opportunities for us to grow and live stronger and wiser.There is a site I discovered that has really cool info on relationships.Things We Never Did.com

  11. whenever i read every post you have i always reminded that its not too late to love again...

  12. Thanks for the wisdom. I feel you. It's Time to live.


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  15. i am right there with you.

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  17. Crisp. Short and sweet.. very well written...


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