Thursday, November 10, 2011

up in flames

prestami le tue mani
ph: c-loser


Some people dream of slowly walking away in silence as something spectacular goes up in flames behind them. Like the number one thriller that everyone dreams could be their life. And here I am to say...I watched you walk that walk, while the flames simply engulfed me. I wasn’t ready to burn or be burned. No one knew to save me, except the one that lit the fire.

It’s magnificent from your view, but what about me. I’m too solid to be destroyed but God, this hurts, this hurts me more and more. I can’t find a place that isn’t marked with your perfection. I can’t find of clean piece in the wreckage to rebuild. But when it happens in a small town, the foundation never really disappears.

Give in...come back...and love ME. Stop looking, stop walking further into the distance. Come here and save me. I am telling you B that you will not ever find a heart that can withstand your flame. No heart can hold on this tight when all odds are pulling the other side. Turn around and look, I’m still here. There will never be a time when you turn around and don’t see me standing here.

You may have to walk back through flames but I’m the only one that can make it through them to love you when the smoke clears. Choose me, Love me.

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