Saturday, November 12, 2011

like bubbles

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I hereby stop thinking of boys. Stop thinking that "maybe there’s still someone out there for me", making up scenarios in my head about how I could meet someone, about how it would be to be with someone. I hereby stop falling in love with boys that do in fact exist, but which I give nonexistent fantastic personalities in my mind, without even knowing them. I will now stop doing all of this, thinking and dreaming about all of this. It’s only taking precious time that could be used in some other way. It’s only taking my energy and making me hope for things that cannot, and probably will not happen. These thoughts are like bubbles, hurting me when they break and when I realize that it was always only in my head and never for real. I hereby stop doing this. If I am to experience love, I want it to be for real. And if I’m not, well that sucks, but life goes on, and I like to believe that there’s more to it than falling in love. From now on, I’m going to stop making up all these dreams, and going to focus on the reality instead. Life can be so much more, and you have only one, so why waste it on this pointless dreaming. It may sound harsh, but I’m done with these dreams now. They give me nothing but a heartache.

I’m not giving up on love. And I know that dreams can be a wonderful way to escape reality. I just don’t want for them to take over. I don’t want to hold on to these dream-bubbles and make myself fly so high that I won’t survive the fall.



  1. just what exactly what i feel ^^

  2. this helps me so much. i just got hung up over a pointless dream x cheers to this!

  3. Prince charming doesnt exist.....
    Thank you, its nice to know that there are so many women out there who feel the same way that i do.


  4. Sanna, i feel like that so much.
    amen. we will find someone, just not in our heads.

  5. wow, thank you. This is exactly what I need to do too, only I don't think I'm strong enough to manage it.
    Good to know there are others out there feeling the same though, might help.
    Good luck x

  6. That happened to me too and it's hard to accept that it was all in our head and that even though we wasted so much time projecting and daydreaming of this person and it was not mutual, that the other person doesn't really care that much.

  7. I also felt the same..TQ for posting this..I`m not alone afterall.. =)

  8. Wow! I can relate to this in every way! It's amazing. Thanks for sharing this I loved reading it.

  9. Sanna, are you me?

    Because this is everything I do, and everything I wanna stop doing


  10. i do that aswell i make up scenarios and i dream dream dream and i think you might be right it can be dangerous

  11. The moment I stopped obsessing about finding the dream man, he just came across my life and we are now a part of each others life.

    Give it a rest and enjoy life! Love just happens when it happens!

    Have a great day


  12. This was me, all the way to the end. I couldn't read a line without thinking how I repeated this to myself several times before I could actually do it. When it became real.

    When love does come, and it will come when you least expect it and from the last place you'd look, you'll keep daydreaming, but about the bright future ahead of you instead.

    Until then, be happy and keep your heart open. :)

  13. This is what I am experiencing myself too, since a long time. But I believe that my dreams will turn reality and will get what I wish and what you wish. :)

  14. this is exactly what i've been telling myself! i have so much more to focus on at the moment i realized i need to shuffle my priorities. :D

  15. you speak my mind!
    couldn't have it expressed any better

  16. Thank you for talking in the name of so many that feel the same way.
    I also often feel that I dream more than I actually live and that's a scary thing because when I get older and look back on life, what am I going to remember? what memories will I have made?

    It's difficult tough. Cause right now I feel like without my illusions I really don't have much plans to look forward to.

  17. ohhhh girls i know what you mean...never knew there were so many women who felt this way crazy how we may think that girl has it all but in the end she is just another girl who may be wanting the same thing you do....its time to just do what we do best and when you do you will see endless possibilities ....and love will just fall into your lap...and I'm waiting for the too

  18. THIS IS ME!!!! Finally someone who understands.
    I do this so much its unhealthy. I feel like I'm always waiting for that moment when I get to start living..then I realize...this is now. Life has been whirling by and I get so caught up in my dreams and fantasies that I can't even realize it.
    Thank you so much for this. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone.
    You're fantastic

  19. I'm actually experiencing exactly the same emotions that you're experiencing. You put into words completely how I'm thinking about myself and about life. Thanks ♥


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