Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I love you. I love you. I love you.

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My dearest Trouble,

I love you! Why should I wait until the end of the letter to tell you? I love you. I love you. I love you. That's what I wanted to tell you. And that's why I'm writing this letter.

We haven't been together for long, about 7 months now, but in those seven months I have changed. I have become a completely different person. Not because you wanted me to be different, but because you love me the way I am. You help me to not swallow down my emotions, but to speak them out loud and to act on them. You help me to feel good about myself because I am beautiful. You help me with everything. You are always there for me and you make me feel "needed" because you count on me.

Some weeks ago we had to part because we both study in different cities, in different countries. I was afraid, so afraid. But not anymore. Here in Germany we say "Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid" (A problem shared is a problem halved). So even though I miss you every day, knowing that you miss me too, helps me. Thank you for showing me every one of your faces because I love them all! I love you when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are angry or when you are disappointed. Every time I say "I love you", that's exactly what I mean - I love the whole you!

And before this letter gets too long, I will tell you again. I love you my Trouble! You mean the world to me and I will never let you go, not matter how far or for how long we will be apart.

Yours always,


  1. Sweet.
    I can totally relate to this. An to get to know the one we fell in love with and to be allowed close enough to see the whole of him or her seems the greatest gift to me. I am so thankful. And I am so in love :)

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  3. Thank you my Monkey,
    I'm counting the days that separate my arms from you.

    I love you,

  4. This was extremely lovely :)
    You both sound like you are suited for eachother - for the better - because you bring out the best in eachother !
    I know exactly what you mean about loving the whole of someone and all their faces.
    I really loved your post !


  5. Aww, hold me and never let me go.

  6. I liked this : "So even though I miss you every day, knowing that you miss me too, helps me"

  7. that is how my boyfriend and i are. he lives in italy and i live in the states. it's really difficult to only see him once every 4-6 months but i wouldn't leave him because i miss him. bc then i would just miss him more. it's all worth it and he changes me every day and our love only grows.

  8. please forward:


  9. Even my boyfriend and I are far from each other, but as time goes by my love for you is getting stronger...

    What I've learn in a long distance relationship that makes you mold as one is COMMUNICATION...

    check this out guys..http://www.mylovetarotreading.com for those in love and heartbroken..

  10. really hard to express your feelings through words when in your in a long distance. ugh. i preffered action than words.


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