Wednesday, September 14, 2011

thank you for us.

thank you for us love photo love image holding hands,
ph: favim

somewhere someone is looking at their love and saying thank you.

they're looking at them, their face. that familiar face that their lips know as well as their eyes know. every highlight and shadow that make up that gorgeous structure.

the scruff and the little nook where their nose turns into their cheek. the cheek that they kiss once before they kiss the other.

they're looking at them and saying it with each kiss. they're saying it with each glance into those kind, mischievous, understanding eyes.

they say thank you when their fingers touch and their palms interconnect with each other like pieces of a puzzle.

they say it when they wake up to an arm and a body wrapping its warmth around their arm and their body.

when they fight and yell and slam doors and then look at each other, short of breath with tired eyes of forgiveness and smile wearily.

they say it through a shrug of the shoulders. a raised eyebrow. a laugh. a scrunched nose.

thank you. they say.

thank you for being mine. for not being an asshole. for letting me in. for wanting me as much as i want you. for needing me as i need you.

thank you for you. and for me. and for you and me being here, together.

for us. thank you for us.
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