Monday, August 8, 2011

if we can share something beautiful

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He is nothing special, but to me, he is absolutely perfect.

I can´t remember for how long we've known each other, but we have shared many moments together. During all these years I've just seen him as another guy. I remember how annoying he could be, how we used to be angry with each other and how I yelled at him. I also remember those times when we laughed together, when we stayed up the whole night watching the lightnings, and how we helped each other. This was many years ago, when we were young. Then we grew up and in some way we lost each other along the way although we never was very close. He was two years older than me and moved away for school. Also I started a new school and found new friends.

Years went by and occasionally we bumped each other but I never really thought about him until a year and a half ago. It was a friday night and I was out with some friends. We were dancing and having a really good time. I was feeling a bit dizzy so I went out to the bar and there he was. We started talking and so we did the whole evening. After that night I began to think about him more and in some way we started to run into each other more often.

Now, in the summer, I see him pretty often. When we meet those chilly summer evenings at the local pub he always puts his arm around me and I just feel so safe in some way. I've now been thinking and I´m starting to realize that I might be having feelings for him. The difficult part in this is that my friends don´t share my thoughts about him. They are making fun of him which makes it hard for me to admit to my friends, myself and of course him, that I like him.

I believe that all the things we went through as young kids makes me feel safe. Now I just have to dare to tell him, to see if he feels the same way, and see if we can share something beautiful.



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  2. don't hold back because of your friends. i did that and now he's engaged to someone else. love is between you and another, and your friends will support whatever you do. but don't hold back.

  3. If your friends are making fun of him for something you take no issue with, ignore their comments and tell him how you feel. I was in a very similar situation and once my guy and I admitted our feelings and put aside what others thought we found ourselves in the most loving and amazing relationship.Do what you want!

  4. tell him before it's too late... better find out, rather than asking what if's....

    My best friend is getting married...and I can't do anything but to wish him all the best...He asked me to help him choose the engagement ring for his lucky lucky fiance..He's happy now..and I shld let him be, even if it's not with me.. that's how love shld be..right?

  5. This is exactly what happened recently to me. Tell him. And how you really feel. If you don't, the opportunity might just pass and you could have never tell him again. Don't worry about what happen, tell him and go with the flow. Otherwise you could regret it, like me. It hurts to watch him with someone else now, and you'll never want to feel that way.

  6. oh please do tell him, dont worry about what any one else thinks! youre the only person responsible for your happiness, if you dont try, you will never know!

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  8. Don't listen to your friends - you're the one who will be in a relationship with him, not them. And if they really are your friends, they'll support you in your choice. Also: just tell him! I know it's hard, I used to be too scared to, but you'll regret it if you don't tell him.

  9. hi..go tell him!grab the opportunity..same thing happened to me now..the worse part is I will never be able to tell him because we came from different world..both have different religion..only can treat him as near yet so far


  11. Likes involve on appeal while love evolve from heart.


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