Thursday, June 30, 2011

i'm not going anywhere.

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Something my amazing boyfriend sent me: *

"I like you a whole ton, cuz you accept me for me and would never try to change me, you make me do my homework so that I can get good grades, you got me to fill out scholarships, because I know I can just be myself with you and you'll be totally happy with that, because you accept my flaws, because even though I'm afraid of being awkward I know even if I do something awkward you won't make me feel bad, because you ask what I think of your friends cuz you want me to like them, because you came up to my work before we were dating, because you've been there for me when I needed you for like the past 2 years, because you listen to me talk about Mary and don't get jealous or say stupid things like "you're not over her" type stuff, because you don't put up with bullshit so I know 99.98% of the time you won't give me any, because I don't have to constantly worry about upsetting you, because you are beautiful and you know it but you don't want to sound like a bitch self centered person, because you don't fish for compliments, because you really couldn't care less what other people think, because you did that drama thing in subway yelling about a moose, because you play cod and don't get upset that I played while you were doing homework, because you've made me 2 mix cd's, because I feel very well like when we hug, because you remind me that you like me daily, even though I'd have to be a complete idiot to forget :) "

A couple texts I've woken up to:
"Good Morning Scarlett Hunt, have I ever mentioned that I like you? Well in case I haven't, I like you, very much, please never leave. THANKS - Kennen"
"Scarlett... I love you"

I think that last one is my favorite. He rarely tells me he loves me because he believes that saying it too much will make it less special, and he's right. Because I hear it so few times, I still get overwhelmed with happiness any time he tells me. I think it's a technique that everyone should use.

So I'm 18 and I've found true, pure, honest love. I'm going to do my best to keep it. Kennen means more to me than sleep, and I LOVE sleep. He's the only boy I've ever been able to picture myself marrying, though we've both agreed that we don't want to do anything that serious until we're out of college. We agree on most important things, and we balance each other well. He helps me be goofy and happy while I help him get down to business. We also know how to keep friends while being in a relationship. If I were to give someone advice about love without having them ask me a specific question, I'd tell them to make sure that you can find the right balance, not just with each other but with the rest of the world. You have to keep other people around because you don't want to be left alone if something goes wrong. Also, age doesn't matter. You can find love no matter how old you are. It may not be the same kind of love that someone else finds, but you can certainly have your own. And when you do find it, hold on to it. It's the best feeling you'll ever have. If it's taken away, remember that you can find joy again. Very few people marry their first love, and I certainly won't be one of those few, but I think 3rd love is just right for me.

I love you Kennen, and I'm not going anywhere.

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