Saturday, February 19, 2011

you and me, everyday.


  1. I love feeling like this. Unfortunately, I usually do when I'm away from the person.

  2. Is that from the Notebook?

  3. Definitely agree. I need to spend more time with bf. 24 hours sometimes aren't enough

  4. aw i love this scene in the movie the notebook. (:

  5. the notebook! simply perfect!

  6. I love leaving my BF notes around the house, when I go away with work for a while. I hide them in places that will take him a wek or so to find them... just to remind him how much i love him and how important he is my life.

  7. not sure why i'm writing this, but i just feel that i need to puut it out official somewhere.
    My girlfriend reads this blog as soon as you update it, so that is why i do to (ofc it's a really intresting/beautiful blog too!).
    I just thought about our relationship when i saw this post. I think I love my girlfriend too much... I always wanna be with her and do absolutely everything for her. The thing is that I love her more than she loves me. I love beeing with her more than she loves beeing with me and so on... I'm just afraid i'm giving too much of my love to her! We've been in a relationship for abou 9 months, and discussed kids, how we wan't to live and so on. And it has never felt wierd!
    right now we're "on a break" beacuse of the reason that she loves me but isn't sure if she is truly in love! you know how you just lovee people and how you LOVE people. And this breaks my heart. Everything in my future i wan't to do either with or for her. I think i might have become more hers than myself... I'ts so incredebly much more to say about this. But you all know how it is to explain lovetorubles. It always ends with a non-solvable trouble

    I don't expect an answer of anything, just felt that i wanted to write it out. Feel free to comment fellow lovers! / yours truly W.

  8. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day. <3

    1. Thank you so much! You brought my girlfriend back within 2days. she was at my house when I pulled up and she said we have to talk. She told me that deep down I am the only man for her. I have been waiting to hear that for days now, but within 2days after you cast the love spell everything came into place and we are finally come together again.


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