Sunday, September 26, 2010

never settle



  1. I'm a great believer in this quote !
    I never settled for second best, and that's why I am with the man of my dreams today.
    The right person will come along if you have faith, and not hope in the wrong people who you "think" may be the one.
    If they treat you wrong, sooner than later, someone will come along who will treat you right and you will understand why the relationship never worked with "that" other person, because it wasn't meant to.

    Love Lola

  2. That is SOOO true... you better test the person right before you fall in order to not get burnt!

  3. apple said...

    right person im waiting u...miracle pls come to me...Thanks GOD

  4. Love this quote.
    very relevant to me right now.
    thanks for reminding us all!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  5. This is so true, everyone deserves the best, always!

  6. Yes! Never settle! You only receive what you think you deserve...

  7. blaaahh, i feel like i am setteling right now. its not that he treats me bad. he treats me amazing, but i just dont think i like him as much as i should D:

  8. soo true, tkamks for reminding :)

  9. we all deserve better and
    it is only by keeping your mind open and welcoming new opportunities left and right that we'll ever learn what we are truly worth. whatever it is, it can always be MORE greater than what it is now.

  10. This is perfect for me right now because i almost settled for the wrong one and then i saw i have hope again

  11. settling for second best may not be the best way to go but sometimes its the less painful one. the guy who wants me the one who treasures me is my best friend but my friend is in love with him and i could never do that to her. so although second best is not the answer it is the only one i have to choose from :( i love him but i am not in love with him. we have been together for 4 very happy years but he will never be the guy who hold my heart and can break it with a simple smile....

  12. Amen.

    I remember when I first got a myspace (I do NOT have one anymore haha) I put under my about me "Never settle"

    I did once..I haven't since and never will I turn from my own words again. :)

  13. WHICH REMINDS ME...I actually blogged about never settling on June 3rd..which is my most recent post.
    I have have a bit of a "blogger's block" if I must say..

    come read it?? :)

    Tell me what you think.

    Stay strong, my ladies.

  14. really cute blog!

  15. i do not like this quote. It gives a feeling as if people are a commodity and there is someone there for your level. Love is about being the best for each other. If things dont work out then thats that and nothing more. There is nothing like one deserving more or less, better or worse.

  16. Sooo true, sometimes people just take anything: any friendship, any boyfriend, any job just to fight loneliness. But one thing is sure we are not here to fight but to surrender ourselvesd to the best life has to offer.

  17. very hard to remember.

    but thanks for reminding me.

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