Thursday, August 5, 2010

like an eternity



  1. LOVE. One day..


  2. aww beautiful picture. i think something being like an eternity is a good thing, right?

  3. Oh I just love, love, love this blogg, it makes me warm inside.

  4. Lelove, just a remark: your posts are no longer like before. are you out of creative ideas and stories? any one can get a picture from the internet and post a comment under it and that's all. but this is not blogging! when you post a nice story, you see more than 100 comments because people find them interesting.

  5. Nice. I tend to take kisses for granted, but when I do get a really special one, it seems to last forever. :)

    Also, I'd have to agree with Rofo. I would hate to see this lovely blog go down the same path as many others. Images are easy to find and all right to have every once in a while, but what are your thoughts? Feelings? Stories?

    Still, keep up the good work.


  6. Beautiful :)))

  7. rofo + brittany:

    le love has always been a mix of stories and pictures/quotes.

    nothing different is going down.

    you guys do realize too that the stories are submitted by readers not written by le love right?

    not to mention a lot of ppl including myself, prefer the way the blog was when it first started and it was ONLY pictures and quotes.

    rofo- i think you are just starting drama so ppl can go check out your le love knock off.


    le love- don't listen to these fools! there is a reason why your blog is so bigggg

  8. .i've never had a 'real kiss' but in my head his kisses do last an eternity. (sigh)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. tonya k.

    I do know they are written by readers, and I do know it's a mixture of images and posts.

    I don't understand why our opinion makes us fools, however.

    I'm just saying, you may like the way it was with just images, but these images can be found anywhere. So it's nice to be able to read the author or the site owner's thoughts and feelings and stories on these images. You like the way it was, and I like a little more content. it's just an opinion. :)

  11. i felling like this now after he everything changed but anyway i still love him morn than i know how to say

  12. For my part every person may read this.

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