Sunday, May 2, 2010

every time my heart beat faster

somethinglifelike + adriano.brodbeck

2 years ago I traveled to portugal for a month in the summer, I was there for meet some of my relatives and for a wedding.

When I first met you I was in a party in the fiance's house, I came a bit late and was with my brother and my little cousin, my brother said to me "he is staring at you", I looked at you and tried to pretend to pay attention to some thing else.

At the church I saw you again, you was right there, near to me, still looking at me.

At the wedding party you wasn't looking at me but I was looking for you.

When I sat with my family and you sat down at the same table, at some point my brother called me and said " he is taking pictures of you", later I was dancing with my little cousin and my aunt, and you came near just for hold my hand, but the music stopped and I released his hand, was late of night and I went home.

After that wedding I saw you another two times, but I hardly talked to you.

Summer was over and I came to my country, after some days I realized that my brother gave my phone number and my e-mail address to you, since that day we chatted 5 times or so, and every time my heart beat faster.

And now after 2 years I secretly hope that you still have the pictures you took of me on your phone and you spend hours looking at them.

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