Wednesday, April 28, 2010

soul mates


We first met when I was 14.

I was crossing the road, and you saw me.

You told your brother to stop the car, right there, in the middle of the road, came down, looked at me, smiled, gave me your card and said "Call me".

I wanted to, but I didn't.

The second time we met, was when I was 15.

I was with my cousins that day, watching the squatter houses getting torn down, and you were there.

You stood on the huge rock, and looked down at me.

I felt someone staring at me, so I turned to look.. and there you were, smiling at me but I looked away.

When I was about to leave, I saw you walking my way, but then the fireman that was there, came over to talk to me just a few seconds before you.. you looked at me, turned and left.

A few months later, we spoke for the very first time.

Yes, I decided to call you and our conversation lasted 2 hours.

We told each other our likes, dislikes, and found out that we had a lot in common.

The next week, I was walking back home, and I saw you on your scooter. With a girl. And you were holding her hand so tightly, it was as though you were never going to let go.

I reached home... sat down.. and all of a sudden...pain rushed through my entire body.. but I didn't cry.. all I could do was think to myself, why does this hurt so much? why did seeing him on his scooter with a girl hurt me so badly? why?

Then I realized.

Even after the first time we met, when you gave me your card, i couldn't stop thinking of you, and that smile of yours.

Did I fall in love? Maybe.

After that day, I saw you with her, everyday and so, I did what was best. I moved on.

5 years went by without thinking of you. I literally managed to block you out of my mind and my life, and life, was going pretty swell for me.

College started, new friends were made, and a loving boyfriend of 3 years was in my life. Life was a bliss.

Semester break came along, and I decided to head home for the month.. and one day, during a walk, I saw you... and you saw me.. you ran across the road and said "Hi!".. all i could do was smile.

Why couldn't I just turn and walk away? It was like my feet were glued to the ground the minute you smiled.

You asked how I was, and I said great.

The next question was "Boyfriend?" I answered "Yes".. you said "Oh" and walked away like you did everytime you heard something you didn't like.

I called out to you and said we can be friends and you smiled and agreed.

We started hanging out a lot. Movies, drinks, surfing, live band shows. You called me up one evening and said to come over to the usual place. i told you I'd be there in 10.

When i arrived, you were up on stage.. That was a normal thing, since you were in a band. You sang Faithfully by Journey and at the end, you said that it was for me.

I froze.

What were you thinking?

what was I thinking?

I had a boyfriend.

Then I snapped back to my reality.

What was happening?

We said we'd be friends. But.. did something happen along the way?

When I woke up that night, I found you next to me. I got out of bed, on to the balcony, and had a cigarette. Shit. I had done something I swore never to do. cheat. Then you came out, and we had a huge argument. the next thing you did, made me blow up.

You called my boyfriend. and told him everything.

He left me. I left you. you sent me a text saying "I hate you", i replied with "Thank you for coming into my life and ruining everything and for making me so blinded that I actually slept with you"

I never heard from you again.

All I could think of after that was what the hell was i thinking? What in the world made me sleep with you? why did I throw away a perfectly good relationship for you? but I didn't put the blame on you. I blamed myself. for being so stupid.

10 years after that day, i'm happily married, with a beautiful daughter, and by the power of facebook, you found me. I accepted your friend request and then while chatting one day, you asked me, what happened to us.

You told me you never forgot me, how my hair smelt after being washed, how I laughed, how I made you happy, how you felt complete when I was next to you.

i told you I never forgot you either. especially your smile.

You said let's run away together. I said no. you're married. I'm married. that's the way it should be.

you said it wasn't.

you said we were soul-mates.

All i said was

"We are soul-mates that weren't meant to end up together. If we had started at the very beginning, we might have been together for a lifetime"

you said maybe in our next lifetime.

i told you that in our next lifetime, when you stop the car in the middle of the road, don't give me your card. just say "Will you be mine".

You agreed but said "I'll just say Will you marry me"

We laughed.

Yes. we are soul-mates, we're not together, but we never forgot one another.


  1. i really liked that one :)

  2. Ooo wow... I can feel this one shaking my bones... <3

  3. this literally made me tear up a bit.

  4. Wow. Such a unique perspective on the idea of soulmates, and written in such a heart-achingly beautiful way.


  5. I'm saving this for the day I feel ready to tell him the same thing.

    Never forget.

    And just so I'm not kidding myself... it'll be the day when he's ready to hear it, too.

  6. That was incredibly beautiful. It's all about timing. It is clear to me that it will always be about timing. Thank you for sharing such a beautifully heartbreaking story.

  7. I love it but I hate it at the same time. It's hard to believe that you and your soulmate are not meant to be together.

    Thank you.

    It made me look at things from a different perspective.

  8. Thank you for sharing this story.. really touched my heart! I am asking myself if soulmates are ending married? I think not every time, right guys?

  9. Does nobody realize she is essentially emotionally cheating on her husband in that last conversation they share? That's messed up

  10. I Think She Would Cheat On Her Husband One Day With This Guy , That's So Obvious .

  11. a wonderful story :) the first time I like a story on lelove so much :)

  12. I am agree,it is somehow emotionally cheating on her husband, maybe they really are meant to be, maybe she should just let it happend.

  13. kind of feel sorry for your husband

  14. Sorry for my English but do all soulmates meant to end up together?
    end up to get marry?
    I am not quite sure.. and soulmate is surely something relative! we are growing and we are changing.. so that says a lot, I think.
    Always the feelings of the first crash, of your first love story remains always in someone´s heart, men´s and women´s heart.. :)

  15. Star-crossed lovers... I feel so sorry for her

  16. so touching and so pissing off... i feel sorry for you, for him, for your husband and for your previous boy. how could it all happen this way... ehh...

  17. That was such a sad story that it aches in my heart. perhaps soulmates aren't meant for one another but it still hurts...

  18. That story was so powerful. I actually shivered. I can relate to having a soul-mate and not be meant for each other.

  19. my heart just broke into pieces...

  20. Goodness!!! When this happens, all you can do is live the present, remember the past with love... there are stories that never end... no matter what!

  21. Wow.

    That made me start thinking of love, soulmates and everything that comes with it.

    I hope you're happy with your life now, maybe it wasn't meant to be. Still, I think you are soulmates. Wow. This text is breathtaking.

  22. This story makes my past lets me know that we are soulmates destined to be apart and in that we are not alone. Such a beautiful disaster...

  23. I know how you feel. I've been through the exact same thing. The only difference is that my soulmate died. Feels pretty fucked up.

  24. yes.. not for all the soulmates is ment to be together..

  25. aw that's so sad, its heartbreakingly beautiful. i hope you are happy regardless.

    maybe he wasn't a soulmate, maybe he was just someone to learn from and lead you to your soulmate. :)

  26. This was so beautiful.

  27. im so scared this is my story too.

  28. This is by far the best blog I've read today.

  29. normally I think cheating on people is bad.
    but in this case, I feel like I should urge you to do it?

    ...I really want you two to be together some how. even though I've never met either of you..
    :) hmm. I hope things turn out good.
    thank you for sharing.

  30. this is beautiful.

    thank you very much for sharing :)

  31. cute. so 14 year olds have business cards? lol. maybe a Mcdonald's napkin with his # scribbled on it. haha.

  32. Only thing beautiful about this was the picture. Not a good idea to even emotionally cheat on your husband... Can't end good.

  33. I can't say I'm convinced this is a true story. 14 year olds with business cards and texts 10 years ago? According to the age, this person should be around 30 years old, but it doesn't seem like it's written by a 30 year old.

    But maybe it's not supposed to matter whether or not it is true.

  34. It makes sense- sometimes we can't end up with our souls mate. But it's only one of lifes injustices and I applaud you for not ruining your marriage. Your daughter, your husband, they were what was meant in your life. They are your lifes loves, and in their own way your souls true mate.

  35. well. lets not be critical. this is a beautiful story.

    im so sorry you two arent meant to be. maybe it was really the timing.

    but perhaps it was just meant to be a memory. something to hold on to and smile when you think of it.

    but nothing more.

    no more cheating. this love made you lose a boyfriend once. dont make him lose your marriage as well. there's commitment and responsibility in this.

    im sure you love your husband as well. do not give up in a moment of impulse

  36. It's like you're telling my story.

    I've known this boy since we were 13 but it's never the right time. It has never been the right time. And now I think it never will be.

  37. I saw this at such a weird time. I've been on and off with the man i'm madly in love with for 3 years. I ended it the first couple times & he fought for me telling me we were soul mates. Then I came back to him because I believed we were meant to be. This time around he ended it a couple times, and he finally told me yesterday he thinks it's over for good. It's like we can't get in sync. Timing sucks. But everything happens for a reason, right?

  38. Dear Sender,

    Please listen to this Song:

  39. Hmmm perhaps timing, but whilst this is beautiful it irritates me...a lot!

    If he's your soul mate perhaps you've just settled for less with your husband. I don't know you, obviously you love your husband to an extent but is that really enough? There's so much that bothers me with this...Good luck anyway.

    Perhaps he's not your soul mate, you didn't end up together for a reason. Perhaps if you had ended up together it wouldn't have been as great or indredible or loving as you think it might have. Just be grateful for what you have don't think of the what could have been think of the what is and smile.

  40. Owww... sad... very sad...
    Timing really is everything...

    What if...

  41. oh my god. crying.

  42. sooo good.

    but not a conversation to be had if you are married! how would your husband feel?

    bad timing i guess :(

  43. beautiful story, it's sad but at the same time very romantic.
    One part of me, the creative part I suppose, would like to see a movie of this. That movie would be outstanding, like this story already is.

  44. my hair on my arms raised in the end, this was so touching and beautiful.

  45. thanks for all the comments on my entry. And rest assure, i will not cheat on my husband. I love him and yeah..welll, i just needed to sumbit the entry to get things off my chest. My husband knows about my so called soulmate and he's fine with it.,, in his words, ' he may be your soulmate and u didnt end up with him, because i am the love of your life, and thats why you're with me' =)
    Oh and by the way, i'm 27. And yes he had a card coz he was in a band and stuff like that. Needed cards for gigs. Hehe.
    Oh and

  46. Should be elaborated, it would be a great novel-turned-motion picture.

  47. "And you can't always get what you want.
    Honey, you can't always get what you want.
    You can't always get what you want.
    But if you try sometimes, yeah,
    You just might find you get what you need."

  48. This is so sad and completely tore at my heart because I feel the same thing right now...

  49. hi bubbles...

    great to see your reply. im sure you'll not cheat on your husband because he's the love of your life. Having talked to your ex-boyfriend 10 years later, even thru facebook shows that you have moved on and not still living in your past. Im glad that you're happily married now. All the best to u.

  50. i put my tears on.i just broke up this day.
    because i think : how is it like if i don't love him anymore,but 10 years l8r, i'm marriage,and he come and said that he still love me..

  51. Wow, I just stumbled on this blog and I am smitten.

  52. one of my favorites from tis blog!! crazy story

  53. I really liked this story! It makes me believe in soulmates - even though you guys didn't ended up together...
    But lovely and exiting story :)

  54. Nicely written. You had me hanging on. But this guy sounds like a JERK. I wonder how many other girls he's tried to contact.

    Now he's trying to have you cheat on your husband. You gave him the BEST answer - maybe in another lifetime.

  55. amazing and touching text. its like in a movie, youre so strong!

  56. this had me on the edge of my seat! check out my writing if you have time!

    under the playing with words tab


  57. star cross'd lovers. this breaks my heart

  58. thank you.
    i met this guy, i thought he was my soulmate really. i still do.
    and all the other guys i have met since, none of them has touched my heart in that way.
    i will never forget him.

  59. Me pasa exactamente lo mismo!! hace 10 años lo conozco y cada uno tiene su pareja y familia. Muy buenos tus escritos, besos

  60. that's what exactly happened to me.

  61. same here... sometimes i wonder, why do we only realize that person is our soulmate only after we're in a committed relationship... My breaks again after reading this... Thanks for sharing your stories

  62. A really touching story. Cute in a way, but I guess it wasn't meant to be! :( It really touched my heart and I feel bad for you though. But be happy with what you have, right? Everything happens for a reason :)

    I was telling my girlfriend this story and she was really touched by it too and she thinks it's the cutest story she's ever heard.

    All the best to you! :)

  63. How could you do this to dad MUM!! He deserves better!

  64. I know this story. This is my story.

  65. very touching story I enjoyed it thank you for shearing

  66. oh my god.. that is such a wonderful story :)


  68. that's a really beautiful sad story.
    but, when those things happen, I always think: "everything happens for a reason", and if you think a bit, it actually makes sense.

    hugs ♥

    p.s.:really awesome blog, keep up the good work ;)

  69. the story of my life! except in mine no words where ever exchanged about what was actually happening and things just screwed up.

  70. What a beautiful story, made me cry with happiness :)

  71. I'd love to tell you my story sometime. I just googled to see if anyone else experienced what I am going through because I feel so alone, and this was the first thing I saw. I am married, and I love my husband dearly, but he is not my soulmate. I know this because I have already met my soulmate. Never was I so in sync with a person, or could I read, or have my thoughts read the way I could with this person, yet somehow it was impossible to make a relationship with him work because all it was was endless heartache. And heartache is a deadly disease that is not good for any soul. Our moments together were usually far and few between, but the impact each encounter left on me was always so unforgettable and endearing. I will never forget this person, and maybe some day we can cross paths when it won't hurt so much, but I am committed in a loving marriage, and refuse to let my marriage suffer because of a memorable past that wasn't meant to be.

  72. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever read. I rooting for you guys.

  73. The right people that met at the wrong time.. It happens to the best of us. ANd I'll always wonder- WHy ???

  74. I agree with Courtney..It happens when right people meet in wrong time.
    Its a heart touching story, which gives us a live example of soul mates feelings. I simply pray God that soul mates like you should never be departed but live happily for each other with each other..

  75. Wow! this made my day. I love hearing soul mates stories. And this one is the best. Thanks for sharing.:) In my opinion the reason why they didn't end up being together is that, they've been lovers together in their past life, and or better yet in the next life, hehe :) Even though fate and relationship didn't work. I can say the bond between them will never disappear.

  76. I sometimes think that poweful attraction to another person when it feels like soul mates is not always a positive. If u keep on missing tour chance through miscommunication and heart ache, it might be that your vulnerable soul has attracted another

  77. From above- another vulnerable soul... In my case my so called soul mate has caused me heartache but at the same time propelled me forward in life.. Peace of mind above love any day of the week

  78. I love this so much. I'm actually going through that right now. I might spend time with my so called soul mate in March.


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