Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's day! (or not)

i know the post is a little late, but i hope your valentine's was lovely!

if your day wasn't so lovely + you are tired of this "mushy feel-good celebration"
then head on over to BITTERSWEET where rick made an anti-valentine's post.
he put up a delicious recipe (i tried it!) that includes heart candies...

This recipe will give you an opportunity to break
all those annoying heart candies
that are all around.

go HERE for rick's Broken Heart Bark recipe!!



  1. I love Valentines day & my bf

  2. wow how did you find all those hearts without writing on them?? very creative btw!

  3. love the picture
    .. and i have to make that recipe

  4. I'll bet he had a grand ol' time smashing those candies to bits!

  5. i love my valentine, but i still HATE valentines day. there is nothing okay about it. the two of us wanted to make this one together!

  6. well, my valentine's day was lovely. but, i still have a great appreciation for posts like this.

    see, i got my vday present at 12:02 this morning, so it was technically late, making it awesome. and it was a box of twinkies and the movie 'zombieland'


    btw, i'm so making that bark.

  7. well, nothing else to say, that i headed to 'bittersweet'

  8. happy Val's Day :) what gift did you get and what did you give? you can talk about it here:
    thanx for sharing your ideas

  9. Love the picture. :) It's so pretty and happy looking.

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