Monday, January 25, 2010



My only love is for you, vodka.
Before it became a crush,
we were family friends.
You slipped in and out of my parent's parties.
I saw you only in passing.
We were never introduced...

...formally, that is.
The first time I saw you out of my house
was that night.
The night we first spoke.
You comforted me and
cradled me in your arms.
I was with all my best friends,
but you and I seemed to fit so perfectly.
Some say we took those first steps too quickly.
It wasn't love right away, but I was
intrigued by you and your
sense of warmth.

After nights similar to the first,
I began to think of you a lot.
If a weekend would pass without you in it,
in me,
it was incomplete.
I yearned for your touch
and the way you made my skin prickle.
My lips tingle in the thought of you now.

At the beginning, it was simply fun with you.
Innocent fun with no repercussions.
That is when I learned to love you.
I loved how you didn't have a plan or sense of direction.
You were spontaneous.
I was insecure and fragile, looking for someone,
just like you.
At first, you brought out the best in me,
showed me that when we were together,
I meant something,
and I will always thank you for that.

There were times when I questioned your worth.
Some nights you would engulf me,
take everything of me,
chew me up
and spit me back out.
You never threatened me, or hurt me.
I just loved you so much that I would do anything you said.
Maybe I was angry with you in the morning,
but I always forgave you the next time we were together.
Run up to you and hug you, and you would kiss me twice on each cheek.
Like you always had.
As if nothing had happened.
Somehow promising that tonight would be better.

From that first night to now,
our love affair has been consistent.
I always want you
and your smooth touch.
And even after every time you put me down.
You're always the one to pull me back up.
I've shared so many memories with you,
dark and messy nights,
poetic and spiritual ones too.
Every time I hear your name or
know that you are near,
my eyes widen.
I bite my lip and smile.
I get shaky and anticipate your arrival.

Some people love you superficially.
They are the ones who don't easily forgive.
But you know that I will always love you.
Some will try to tear us apart,
saying that you don't love me back.
That you can't.
They've tried and lost.
Even if I don't directly receive love in return,
the way you make me feel, and act, and cry,
lets me know that you do love me.
You are the only one who can hurt me
as much as you have,
and know that I will always run back into your arms.



  1. hahahha hell ya I love it

  2. wow, exchange vodka for bourbon and youve got me pegged.

  3. so absolutely.
    the best love alive =)

  4. ... Seriously? Alcoholism is the best love alive? That's it, I'm moving to the Amazon.

    Great piece of writing, though.

  5. great piece of writing, very depressing,yet,I can understand addictions...because addictions in any form, numb me.

  6. my words exactly. this is amazing.

  7. So beautifully written. But it makes me sad, that it is about addiction...

  8. The fact that anyone could comment on this post and say "best love alive" really saddens me. As does this writing. It is so clever, with it's thorough personification of alcohol. But so sad.

    Thanks for sharing, Sally. Even if it was fiction. I hope (if it is non-fiction) that things are getting better for you.

  9. Insert jack and coke and I am all there

  10. haha, nice comment from 'pendant lighting'. :)
    love this post en the pic.

  11. Totally reminds me of Chelsea Handler from Chelsea Lately~ Hahaha

  12. This is exatcly why I dont drink. The fact of loosing yourself like thats is so terrifying that I just dont even want to take the risk of becoming an Alcholic.

  13. alcoholic. Find other ways to channel your emotions.

  14. No, stick to poetry. Brilliant! Enigmatic, embedded with complete reality and truth. Sally, this is genius! x


  15. Oh, I find it very... I just like it really.

  16. While this is an amazing piece of writing and the personification is is sad to think that alcohol could do this to someone.

    I think I am afraid of alcohol for this exact reason. On the other hand, my addiction just comes in a different form...falling for people who never truly care about me but only pretend to, so I guess we all have our weaknesses.

    Best of Luck.

  17. I LOVE THE WRITING! IT'S AMAZING! I really like the personification - if it is a personification?!

  18. yes it is personification.

  19. If you hadn't mentioned vodka then I'd have honestly thought you fell for some guy who'd put you down a lot but whom you'd have a darn good time with.

    It's saddening that you have to be so dependent on alcohol in such a way. That you'd call it "love" and that you'd "run back into its arms" even though it puts you down.

    oh well.
    as said,
    everyone has their own weaknesses.
    Props to the clever writing.

  20. we all have our weaknesses yeah, sad that this thing is about vodka, that's exactly why i don't drink... ever. i'm afraid we could become best friends,and i don't like that, i don't trust myself that much but... so that's life :)

  21. like everyone else said,
    a bit sad it's about alchohol,
    but brilliant writing!

  22. YES, couldn't have said it better myself.

  23. This is an amazing piece of writing. I think the personification works very well with the way an addiction is. But the truth is, feelings like this aren't normal for a healthy person. However they are normal for an alcoholic. I can relate very well to this piece of writing because I am an alcoholic. But I really encourage Sally, whom I find to be a very talented writer by the way, to seek help. I am currently attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and they truly help. Anyone who thinks they could even possibly have an alcohol problem should come. And no, I'm not saying that to promote or sell anything. I'm saying it because I understand and it has helped me.

  24. I love you.
    So proud of you to post it. :-)

  25. Maybe I didn't get any of it, but could the vodka be a person? Maybe there's more than one way to read this - I hope so. I hope I didn't get it, and that the vodka is a person!

  26. it's definitely vodka.

  27. Vodka could definitely also be a person. I was really able to connect to this although I'm not an alcoholic. I'm addicted to a person instead.

  28. It's sad that this could so easily be read to be about a person, which would be totally acceptable, but with alcohol its an addiction. You can get addicted to people. but thats not love. this is not love. this is infatuation and desperation. and anyone who thinks that any sort of relationship like this is acceptable is deluded and i feel incredibly sorry for the lives they will live. as everyone else. beautiful piece of writing. really amazing.

  29. Excellent comment, Molly. This piece of writing would be equally sad if the subject WAS a person. Addiction is addiction. Substance abuse is just more finite and therefore easier to track and pinpoint. Being addicted to a person isn't love; it's obsession. It's not healthy. "Tragic love" is one-sided bullshit.

  30. This is amazing.
    I love you <3
    great work.

  31. Have to say this is the best one ever read by me on vodka.

    Cheers :D

  32. um, i dont think this is literally about vodka guys...


  33. I understand this completely. I'm guessing there's a different meaning to everyone.

  34. terrific writing.
    but, honestly, the love that you think you find in alcohol, is nothing compared to that of true love. love between two people.
    addictions simply take the worries and bad times out of your mind, and speed up time.
    a clear sign that you are unhappy with some reality that alcohol takes you away from.

  35. totally amazing. no matter if it's vodka, coke, a man or a woman. wake up people! we all have our vices, and i commend you sally for your beautiful expression. and fyi,.. insert with white wine (and in my 20's bad boys) and you got me pegged

  36. beautifully written! seems the author is addicted to 2 things.. being attached too much to the person and being unable to shake away the aftermath.. a very lovely story! enjoyed it!


  37. wow,how u love vodka,i am totally addicted to it,drink at least a bottle a day & more when i can,love u x

  38. i have finished my bottle of vodka & only half the day gone,god i need some more & of to the shops i go for my fix for the rest of the day,i must be totally hooked & luv it x

  39. Wow this is an amazing piece of writing! Your an inspiration! I am most definetly inspired!

  40. Absolutely erie, absolutely beautiful. Intense and provoking, penetrating. Insanely & yet strangely, inspiring.

  41. Really great writing!!
    Tragic though.
    The dangers of addictions is terrifying.

  42. Yo, Kara Thomas: It's LITERALLY about vodka.
    -RoeNut 4 life

  43. This is absolutely perfect.

  44. fantastic piece of writing. very poetic. hope you deal with the addiction tho...

  45. Is it a personification of a drug or a "drugfication" of a person?

    I'm addicted to a person as if this person was a drug.


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