Sunday, January 24, 2010

break up cake

my friend rick recently started BITTERSWEET (sugar + sarcasm).
it's a quirky blog about baking with great recipes + hilarious commentary.
his header explains it all:
"Bringing sugar, happiness and delights to one person at a time.
And probably spreading diabetes too.
he recently shared a recipe i found perfect for le love:

Red Velvet Microwave Mug Broken Heart Cure Cake

We've all been there. After spending weeks stalking your loved one on facebook and planning on naming your kids after 60's era Disney movies, only to find out that he/she does not care about your near death experience trying to get him/her flowers being guarded by a coyote. Laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, you think: "why am I so unlovable?"

Heartbreak is never easy to take.

This cake is the perfect self-remedy. It takes about five minutes to complete from start to finish, there is minimal effort (you don't even have to measure out the exact tablespoons), it is toasty, chewy, moist, and is enjoyed only by you. After enjoying this, listen to a little 10cc, you'll be unbroken in no time.

click HERE for the delicious recipe + to visit BITTERSWEET!!
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