Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the cold


I thought I'd be used to the cold by now.
It's been so long.
He probably feels the same way. That's why he is the way he is...
but I only feel empty

Happiness, once within me...dies.

Now, the empty space only allows the cold in.
Deeper, deeper, sharper. No way out.
Almost as if temperature does not exist.

The cold rises.

I sleep, to dream of when he "loved me"
but i freeze.

eyes wide open. I'm still here.

I realize. again.
those memories are gone...
and as i'm frozen in time, i can't move on.

It plays its tricks. But i no longer fall for them.

I would let go.
fade. everything else.

The only thing that is stopping me is my heart.
It won't give in to the cold.


It still loves.

Because our promises were to never stop loving each other.
And while I kept mine...

...he never kept his.

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