Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the cold


I thought I'd be used to the cold by now.
It's been so long.
He probably feels the same way. That's why he is the way he is...
but I only feel empty

Happiness, once within me...dies.

Now, the empty space only allows the cold in.
Deeper, deeper, sharper. No way out.
Almost as if temperature does not exist.

The cold rises.

I sleep, to dream of when he "loved me"
but i freeze.

eyes wide open. I'm still here.

I realize. again.
those memories are gone...
and as i'm frozen in time, i can't move on.

It plays its tricks. But i no longer fall for them.

I would let go.
fade. everything else.

The only thing that is stopping me is my heart.
It won't give in to the cold.


It still loves.

Because our promises were to never stop loving each other.
And while I kept mine...

...he never kept his.



  1. heartbreaking, but we're in the same place

  2. Beautiful. I can 130% relate to this - it's the way i feel completely and what i have gone through. Don't you wish time could just speed up and you could be over someone the way they get over you with a snap of the fingers?

    Oh well, on the bright side, at least we know how to love with our whole heart. Hopefully time will bring us someone that can appreciate that.

    Chin up & Stay strong.
    With love.

  3. so true, k.!

    yeah it's sooooo hard to get over someone! urgh. and then once you think you have, something happens that makes you fall for them all over again! it's a vicious cycle..

  4. the last few lines especially meaningful and powerful... i like =]

    don't let this get you down! boys aren't the only thing there is to the addicting nature of life =]

  5. We suffer because we look for love in the heart of another when it is with us all the time. Just remember that you are a loving being and that the love that you feel is real. And when you feel that rise in you, flow in you, that is the love that is yours and no one can take that from you. This is like a great lesson in life, but I think that's a poor analogy because it's one that never ends. There is always something more to learn about love.

  6. All the lies..they´re heartbreaking.

  7. KAWAII!!!


  8. beautifully written! I'm so sorry for you.

  9. :( I'm sorry. Boys suck. That's one phrase that never grows cliche.

    please post as many requited love stories as unrequited? I look to le love for faith in love, but now my heart is sad. then again, I suppose the requited stories will always be outnumbered.

  10. I love your blog.

    Great post!!

  11. amazingly touching.

  12. You're reading my mind! Beautiful poem!

  13. this is amazing

  14. this is so incredibly beautiful!!

    does the person who submitted this have more work we can look at?

    love it!

  15. took the words right out of my mouth.

  16. love it. it speaks straight to me.

  17. Who is this moron that does not keep promises?

    Never mind.


  18. This is beautiful! And in a weird sorta way its kinda comforting to know that I'm not alone in what I'm going thru! Keep ur head held high hun..everything DOES happen for a reason, just remember that!


    a love story on youtube - please feel free to share

  20. Nine loves in nine lives

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    a love story on youtube - please feel free to share

  21. i'm feeling the same way too, he left me for 3 years, and i'm still feeling the same...

    but u gotto stay strong!!!

  22. There is always sunshine after the rain :)

  23. I feel like you wrote everything that is in my head and my heart and I am feeling the exact same way you are. When I read this post and then saw KC - (this is happening to me in Kansas City)- I felt as though your words were meant for me to see and to know I'm not alone, so I thank you. Please know you're not alone also.

  24. Thank you for this.

  25. the only thing i could do while reading was crying..

    thanks for this, so beautiful & true

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