Thursday, December 10, 2009

love story

^01: introduction^

^02: a letter^

you can find this on-going love story over at STORIES.
plus you can submit your ideas on how the story goes!

thanks arvida!


  1. so adorable. she is nervous, but its one of those wonderful nervous feelings(:

  2. really nice, nervous it's just the part of a nice moment, and a nice finish. : )

  3. I love when you post swedish stuff. The world doesn't seem that big when you do.

    /Annie from Sweden

  4. that is so cute.
    i'm half swedish and half danish

  5. naw :)

  6. i love the idea of the letter.
    and the colors.. and the feeling..
    all positive.

    now i want to watch foreign love films all night with my cat and my red wine and close the outside world away, for one night :)

    too bad i do not know how to work my dvd player. :/

  7. absolutley lovin' it <3

  8. beautiful!! :')
    I'd like to film my own love story someday.

    Check out my blog!

  9. The song in the second video is heartbeats, by "the knife", if I'm not mistaken...? Except ukelele verson, haaha! I love it!


  10. Simply magnifique~ She is uber cute =)

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  12. wait. i cannot find the song. i found different versions, but not this one. someone help me!

  13. They are so lovely :)
    can anyone tell me where i can watch the rest of them ?

  14. these are lovely :)
    can anyone tell me where i can watch the rest of them ?


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