Sunday, December 27, 2009

it's difficult to love yourself.

thanks lizzie!


  1. That's beautiful and so true...

  2. oh it's that boy from les fabuleux destin d'amelie poulain!!

  3. Very Cute<3333
    Check out my blog :D

  4. :) very sweet

  5. love it, absolutely wonderful.

  6. This was really beautiful. Truely.

  7. I have that movie. Absolute favorite! Love it. And I am off to Paris in two days ;-)

  8. Wow, really makes you think...

  9. What movie was that?

  10. This is excactly what i believe in, if you don't love yourself, then nobody can love you!
    Beautiful story!


  11. What a beautiful way of presenting the truth :)

  12. The film is "Angel-A." Here is the imdb link:

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  14. Tonight I broke up with my boyfriend of a few months as I'm moving cites. As we don't know where life will take us we thought it easier to break up, and as we have both been badly hurt long distances. He is such a lovely, wonderful boy, one who kisses me on my forehead and tells me im great. but he, like i do, has faults, and is involved with his work. long distance will be too hard. i am trying to be mature, and see this as perhaps a chance to be friends in the future, instead of hurting oursevles more.

    i just hope i made the right choice.
    i already feel lonely. but i still feel love and hope.

  15. I laughed and wiped the tears..
    Thank you

  16. I can't get this entry out of my head...Sweetest tng ever ;)

  17. Holy freaking crap.

    that was incredible. <3

  18. I know this video was posted here over a year ago, but: wow, wonderful, beautiful filmmaking.


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