Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i dream of you sometimes…


I dream of you sometimes
Yearning for your image to exist outside my mind
Hoping that it will only be a matter of time
Before we meet and allow our eyes to speak
Knowing more then what our eyes can see
Patiently waiting to begin our destiny
This is where my soul will lead
Letting go of the thoughts of your physique
So that I can see through
Wanting to explore
Deep into the truth
Knowing that you are because he already knew
That I was the rib to fit inside of you
No other will ever do
See we never had to choose
He never asked us to
He just wanted us to trust and believe
That I'm for you and you're for me
I'm just waiting for this to be
A sudden sigh
As I drift off to sleep
Dwelling in my unconscious mind
I dream of you sometimes…



  1. this is actually exactly what i needed to hear today.

  2. like the painting, embodies that not wanting to get out of the covers in the morning feeling.

  3. great post!

    have an amazing xmas! your blog never fails to make me smile and thats the best gift for xmas!

    :) kisses,

  4. This poem is so strikingly and overwhelmingly true for someone like me who is experiencing pain through having to wait a good 5 weeks before I go back to University and potentially see this guy who has just captured my heart so strongly. I miss him uncontrollably and its almost as though 'xmas' is in the way--and that I just secretly want it all to be over. Love just overrides and consumes everything.

    I have been dreaming about this guy recently quite a lot and I feel 'sleeping' is a kind of escapism for me where I can meet him again in my subconscious thoughts where his face is so much more vivid and real rather than the overexhausted fragments of memory that I stretch my mind to gather during the day.

    The poem is soo befitting of my life right now and thanks so much for this beautiful blog. xxxx A_A!!

  5. This is so on target- it's exactly what I've been feeling for a long time now.. Thank you so much for this post! Oh, you have no idea how it just pulled the right strings inside me... :)

    Merry Xmas!

  6. i love this poem its so sweet

  7. Awesome romantic poem. Reminds me of one of my favorites that starts off. "If you but knew, how all my days seem filled with dreams of you."

  8. Oh so beautiful, I really feel like that...

  9. sweeet<333<333<33

    Very Merry Christmasssss!

  10. so beautiful, tears are coming to my eyes after reading this...
    I dreamt of a boy last night (I fell in love with him this summer, but it didn't work out allthough we had feelings for each other) and this explains truly how I feel right now...

  11. "That I was the rib to fit inside you"

    Absolutely, absolutely sublime, with that line alone.

  12. Why is love sometimes not enough to make things work?

  13. your blog sucks now
    all you have is sappy ass stories

    i remember when you used to just have a bunch of "love" pictures. thats when it was good.

    stop posting all these lame stories i don't want to know how someone met there "true love" its all the same shit.

  14. Sweet. How I wish I have someone to dream about sometimes :)

  15. Beautiful, I have dreamed of our moment, it will require a journey but you will have to trust me. You can get on the plane. I have seen the day I ask you and you say yes and we both know that means at that time is right. I dream of you sometimes Beautiful though you are never gone from my thoughts. Ace

  16. Beautiful. Simply and utterly beautiful. This poem makes my heart feel vindicated.

  17. What a lovely painting..(photo?) It's unique and intriguing

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  19. can you tell me who is kendall? is she/he a published writer? do they have other works? please let me know thank you!



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