Saturday, November 21, 2009

because she is me

olivia bee

I hate the girl that is so in love
I hate the girl that is so in love she blushes the minute he walks into the room
I hate the girl that is so in love she Can’t think of anything but him
I hate the girl that is so in love she becomes speechless
I hate the girl that is so in love that the only movie she can see is The Notebook
I hate the girl that is so in love she feels sick When he is not with her
I hate the girl that is so in love she imagines their entire future together
I hate the girl that is so in love she becomes naive
The reason I hate this girl is because she is me. You might be wondering what the reason for all the hate is. The reason is simple, the girl’s love, my love was and will never be answered
// Mia 


  1. I know that girl. She's everywhere. She's me. She's you. She's every girl that has a heart.

  2. this is wonderful :)
    if anyone else has written things like this, i'd love it if they would send me some to put on my blog.

  3. i just want to start by saying that i completely adore this blog! i read the new posts every day before bed.

    but as beautiful as all these bittersweet stories are they've become much more bitter than sweet as of late.
    what happened to the wonder and hope and the innocent beauty that used to dominate the posts?
    all aspects of this site are wonderful but where once it was all light its now become completely dark.

    can balance be found in love or does it always flow in these ebbing waves from happy to sad?


    feels good to not be alone in all of this mess.

    this blog is just perfect.

  5. you are me. i know exactly how your feeling. it can be beautiful and horrible all at the same time.

  6. what a wonderful work of art.
    i love the honest of its message
    and the fact that it is gritty
    because unlike fairy-tales
    and romantic is
    THIS that is real... this that is true.
    This story is of me and of you...

  7. oh..this is makes me so sad.. =(

  8. This made me cry, because it's exactly how I feel.

  9. Don't lose hope!
    Your love can be answered :)

  10. i know how it

  11. I feel so honored to have been published on your blog. Thank you, you made my day!

    And to see that I'm not alone

  12. this is so sad, i've been there just like so many other and it's awful. i hope you'll get everything that you wish for.

  13. I hope. That one day. You get what you deserve and want. So lovely to read and yet sad !

  14. I am her, too.

    Thank you.

  15. This made me sigh a lot.
    Because this is everyone at one point or another.

    So common, but still hurts.

  16. She´s me and I'm her too, and it fucking breaks my heart!!

  17. thats exactly how i feel !!
    OMG i love this blog..
    i can believe it it is like it was written for me really..


    please, share it. It makes you fall in love.

    music is my boyfriend.

    From Nika.

  19. wow. I really like reading this. Then when I discovered what it was about it made me kinda sad. Been there before for sure.

  20. That's not love, m'dear. That's infatuation.

    Not that it changes how you feel, and how painful unrequited infatuation can be.

    But find solace in the fact that one day it will pass, and you will be able to move on.

  21. Hey Le Love!

    I thought you might appreciate this Def Poetry about love. It's called "This Type Love" by Shihan and you can find it on YouTube. I'm not sure if it fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of your blog, but it's just an amazing performance that you must watch and listen. It's so cute!!

    All the best,

    Kristina Loschiavo

    Visit me at:


  22. shes me too. How i wish i wont be that girl and she dont have to bleed..

  23. This touched me so much. Mostly because I am that girl too.

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  25. I love that girl! Shes a great photographer .

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  27. Sometimes, even if that love is answered, you still hate that girl.
    Trust me.
    I hate that I he's not always around, that it's not enough for me no matter how much I get, that I can't sleep when he's not beside me. It's terrible.
    And we're together, my love has been answered, and I still feel awful that I am "that girl."

  28. This was posted on my birthday. I am that girl too, and I hate her. But for a different reason. My love has been answered, but it doesn't feel like I am good enough for him. and I am so inlove and I cannot love him anymore. and it still doesn't feel like enough.


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