Sunday, October 18, 2009

you're still here


i'll admit it,
i was lonely,
i needed you then,
i wanted you to help fill those gaps of solitude,
i had no one and you were there,
in the back of my mind,
i saw no future,
i just saw the present,
i was alone and you were there,
you fell in love,
i felt sorry for you,
so i stayed,
i know heartbreak,
wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy,
and still, i was alone but you were there,
wanted to love you so badly,
like the way i once did for him,
yet, those memories of heartache,
have numbed veins that once pumped love,
i hate that you're in love with me,
i hate that i can't be in love with you

i found someone else,
he's what i want,
i'm not alone but i still want him,
and he wants me,
just not as much as i want him,
he needs me for right now,
and i'll take that,
no future in mind,
i've fallen for him,
he revived my heart,
but instead of feeling light,
it feels heavy,
he doesn't love me,

i can't tell you of my infidelity,
it'll hurt you,
and i can't bare the guilt,
besides, i don't want to be lonely,
and, well...
you're still here

by ACH


  1. I think this person just wrote my life.
    I didn't have the guts to.

    thank you for posting this...

  2. I also want to thank the person that wrote this. This is exactly what I feel. I broke up with the person who loves me for someone that will never.

  3. Although it doesn't sound great, I'd rather be with someone I care about a little bit more than they care about me. Otherwise, the relationship becomes sufficating.

  4. :(, thats my situation right now, i just broke up with the one that loves me, it isnt fair ; that he is loving me that much when i cant , it wasnt easy, it still isnt, but he deserves better

  5. Pleasure and pain

  6. i can't say i've felt that pain. it sounds so sad, and like such a difficult position to be in.

    i hope you it works out for you in the end,

  7. Doesn't sound like you should be with any of them, in my ears. You could keep looking, and find a guy that loves you, with you loving him back. Instead of using one guy, and lusting another.

  8. It's really good that you post your feelings like this on the internet, that you wrote such a beautiful story about it. Now, be a men, and tell it to the guy. Life is too short to stay with someone who isn't worth this shot.

  9. I've been there too. But the one who loved me knew about the other guy. The one I'm so in love with, but wil never ever love me. In the end, he couldn't bare the fact that I wasn't 100% in love with him. He broke up. And I can't tell you how much that hurts. Giving up the boy for a boy that hurts me so much, I should have let him go. Now there's no one left. I hate myself for acting so dumb and for not thinking. I hate myself for choosing the bad guy above the good guy. I could have had the sweetest boyfriend, but I choose no future.

  10. this is exactly how I feel right now. glad to knw I'm not the only one.

  11. hit me straight in my heart. damn, whoever wrote this; i just wanna say thank u 'cause this is exactly the way i feel and it hurts so much oh my god. thank u.

  12. This is exactly what im going through right now.

  13. Everyday I have been following this blog, sometimes i've checked it like 10 times a day. Just to read this. Just to get my feelings written and expressed out in the blue.

  14. I love your blog :) It's full of so much inspiration! I've found it particularly helpful throughout my art course this year and I've found so many references to photographer's work but I'm having some trouble finding artists who's work revolves around romance - can anyone help?

  15. so much empathy out there, huh? nice to build a sense of community, I suppose. I love le love!

  16. "enjoy your 20's"

  17. it must have been difficult to come to the realization of the situation.

  18. i've been in your situation too. it hurts. it really does. i'm sure you'll be able to find a way to be happy, with everything, as i did.

  19. oh so true, everyone seems to love the ones they cant have, or the ones that dont treat them well

    i broke up with the boy to whom i meant the world. he gave me everything, he told me so, and i agree. but it wasnt enough. i didnt love him back no matter how hard i tried.

    i fell for someone who i knew didnt love me back. but i fell anyway. and the truth is that i just love being in love. i love having somebody to love even if it means i might get hurt in the end. because that's what life is about, trying, leaping, never fearing...

    i love this blog!!!!!

  20. wow. i'm at a loss for words. this is exactly how i felt. i then told the girl that i couldn't be with her anymore because of the guilt. now i'm alone...but maybe it's better off this way.

  21. i'm in exactly the same position now... and the boy i don't love... we just celebrated 4 years together. i moved to another continent to be with him... only to find out i no longer loved him that way. the other loves me but not deeply. we broke up but got back together within 2 days.

    i want so badly to make everything right but can't think of how. the one who loves me wants to buy a house under my name next year. time is running out. :(

  22. I'm in shock. Someone knows my secret.

  23. loveeee this storyy.. it can makes me to inspiration.. love this blog!!

  24. Wow! Nice blog!
    I found via

  25. Dope. From a male perspective, he knows what time it is. Either his not very confident in himself, or he is really that much in love with you. Likely a combination of both.

  26. i guess it came at the right time... it doesn't make it hurt any less.. but it's the truth i needed to hear.


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