Friday, October 30, 2009

there's that one person...



  1. That's so true! Even if it wasn't a long relationship, there is always that one person who is different than any one else.

  2. i totally agree!

    for me, it wasnt even an official relationship, but the half a year of gd times spent with him will always remain very memorable, even though im already in another relationship now. the footprints he left behind in my heart can nv be erased, and will serve only as good reminiscences of our times together :)

    - x.

  3. i agree.
    no matter the length (short or long).
    no matter the title (boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, pal).
    no matter the circumstance or what happened.
    they will always remain in your heart.
    i still feel sad when i think about him. i couldn't just go back to being his friend, because sometimes when things happen... you can't go back.
    i still feel happy when i think about him. i love him. and the things we did together and the things he taught me make me smile.
    he's still in my heart, and there i think he will remain.

    'and i'll forget the world that i knew.
    but i swear i won't forget you.
    oh, if my voice could reach
    back through the past,
    i'd whisper in your ear.
    oh darling, i wish you were here.'

  4. Oh, I know this is true.

  5. It's been ten years since we met.

    He heard that I was getting married, so he called and we went to lunch. I can't explain it, but in that moment, I knew I was over him.

    Thank Gd. I still smile when I think of him, or hear "our" song, or picture moments we had together...but the man I married is who I am meant to be with.

  6. this is definitely true. While sometimes it's a good thing and you might remember someone that left a positive mark on your life other times there are the bad kinds. And no matter how much you know they are never worth your time because of what they did...somehow they also stay in your mind. And that idea that someone who hurt you and yet you think about still is something so unfortunate sometimes...This picture reminds me of a quote from the show The Wonder Years:

    "In your life you meet people. Some you never think about again. Some you wonder what happened to them. There are some that you wonder if they ever think about you. And then there are some you wish you never had to think about again; but you do."

  7. Seriously, I think I just needed to hear this. I can accept this and don't agonize over still caring about him deeply.

  8. i so needed to hear this. he has always been in my heart after seven years. it was just six months of passion and cheating on our relationships. i moved away. distance didn t help that much.yesterday he told me on the phone that he will go abroad.. i have managed to swallow my feelings all this time but i couldn t choke this down..DON T GO...

  9. i don't like this post. >:(
    is it possible to never get over someone but be happy at the same time? i need to hear it is.

  10. I am so sure that my boyfriend will be that person for me if he ever leaves me. Definitely.

  11. thank you for telling me that! not what i needed to hear right now..

  12. I thought I'm the only one, who feels this.
    It's so true!

  13. yep.
    his name is chris.
    he sat in front of me in history during our freshman year of high school.
    that was 1991.
    i still get weak when i think about his blue eyes and how shocked he would look when i'd say something funny.
    he grew up and married the prettiest girl in high school.
    i hope he's very happy.
    but i also hope he still thinks about how much he liked laughing at my jokes.

  14. somehow this was a little comforting. then i know that it's not only me out there and i'm not a total freak that is thinking about this person every singel day since we broke up.
    and i will never be able to forget him either. because he was the one. maybe still is?

  15. This is exactly what I've been think all these last days...

  16. i do believe this is very true. i have been happily married for 2 years but there is always that "what if" person. we are friends and from time to time we talk & he makes me smile but i know my husband is the one for me.
    i don't feel it is a "sad" thing, i think its just how life is. there are so many different paths our lives can take, some work, some don't, and some never get realized. i wouldn't change anything the way it is, because it all makes me who i am today. for better or for worse :)


  18. I've realized how true this is in the past 5 months. I miss him horribly and we never even had a chance to be together due to life cirucmstances. I don't know how to be happy and I don't want to jump into something shallow to try and erase him. :(

  19. I don't have one of these yet.

  20. There is one. He'll always be the only one.

  21. Hi!!! I'm from Mexico.... I've been reading you since a long long time ago.... Let me tell you that you encouraged me to do the same thing you did with your friend... MY SITUATION, was exactly the same, I ended a bizarre love relationship of 6 years... We love each other, but we decided to be friends.... right now I'm in the same channel as you... I have to thank you, because reading you helped me to make this decision.... and let me express you that I feel better, sometimes blue, but always thinking there is love, happiness and light.... maybe for right now this our decision, in the future who knows what's going to happen?...Nobody.... I concluded that I will always love him more and more.... and we have to grow up and evolutionate, but precious feelings never going to disappear!
    I'm like John Lennon's song - "Love" ... he is like KOL's song - "Revelry"... In the is a good time, marvelous things, people and moments are going to come!!!

    Let me tell you that I'm with you!!
    Good wishes for you! A big big hug from Mexico!!!

    "All you need is love" and "Happy as can be"...

  22. but what do you do when you're stuck and no time will change how you feel about that one particular person...? when you know it can't happen but you still have to move do people overcome things like that? =(

  23. I met him two years a go. He was my first love. Actually he was my first in everything.
    He broke my heart and I have to deal with it with my whole life. I have to say that time really heals.
    Althought he hurted me I'll never forget him. He change my life in many ways.

  24. Rio555;

    If you can't, you dont. If you can't move on, you pretend. If you can't, you pretend that you can. If you can't forget that one person and you don't meet the love of your life afterwards, you settle for the best guy/girl you can find. If you can't overcome that one person, he/she must have been the love of your life.

  25. This is so true, and I still miss that one boy.

  26. I met the love of my life in London, he's Australian. We were together for almost two years.
    Three years ago he had to leave London and return to Australia, due to his visa. We couldn't be together.
    I still miss and think of him everyday...

  27. *sigh* *face palm* of course. & im glad, i know what it feels like.

  28. he left me again.
    and im pretty sure i'll never be over him.
    he says he wants to be friends,
    but i can't pretend to be plutonic.
    i can't bear to see him look at someone else.
    i can't think of forgetting everything.
    he needs me most right now, but i can't be there.
    i won't let him in.
    he's broken my heart again.

  29. even if he never loved you back. you will never ever stop loving him with all of your heart.

  30. i sort of hope this isn't true. (although i somehow know that it is.) yet i think it would be a comfort to know that it's possible to get over him, or at least be happy, even if i'm never over him. and then there's the part of me who never wants to get over him, just in case one day he decides he loves me again...

  31. I feel the same way, actualy right now. I can't get over him, not matter how much I try. No matter how much everyone else says I will meet someone better. I know he was the right fit for me and I will never forget how he helped me grow. I don't think anything will ever match that.

  32. So very true
    But this does not make me sad.

  33. Been there, done that ..
    Still feel that.

  34. It's been almost 6 years for me, I was actually married at the time, but things were already shaky...I met this charming guy at college, we flirted (innocently) throughout the course and talked....once the course was over I knew I wasnt going to see him again, we exchanged numbers, but only talked a few times over the phone....When I finally seperated 1 1/2 year after I called him and he was in a relationship I later found out through a mutual friend (small world) and vice versa......I now have a wonderful boyfriend that I love dearly, but, always makes me wonder what he is up to...then I shake myself out of it...

  35. i'm not even sure if its him i'll never get over... i think about him every day.. but... is it him? or is it an idealized version of him?
    i had a lot of men since i was with him.. but he is still in my heart - which he has broken once.....

  36. true, indeed. I wonder if I'll ever forget about him.

  37. YES! amost two years now, but still ...

  38. true. now it's been three years, almost exactly to the date.

  39. I think I may be the only one to disagree.

  40. Every girl has her Mr. Big...

  41. Thanks for sharing as it got this too and i like it as well. i only wish there were more hours in the day so i could listen to all the music i have--i just can't keep up!


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