Sunday, March 29, 2009

If he read it, he would know it was me


It Wasn't Nothing.


It’s happened again

I can’t keep my mind on the task at hand

You’re bad for my work

But so good for my health

You make me smile

When I really don’t think I can

Even this next line

Isn’t coming out how I want it to

My vision goes blurry

Reliving memories of days past

The conversations

The silences

That doesn’t happen too often

I wonder if you realise all this

I would never tell you

It’s probably not good for your health

But it might be

You just never know

Could be nothing

I hope it’s not.

liv b.


  1. This poem is amazing!
    I ♥ it.

  2. such a nice picture and poem

  3. Ahh Livvi, you are amazing and deserve only good things.

  4. I adore you Miss Bambola. So, so gorgeous.

  5. i love your blog, i love that you let people contribute
    and i love the colors of this picture

  6. It´s "realize", not "realise".

  7. @anon It's Australian English. =)

  8. were you on lj, liv?

  9. So that´s right! Sorry...

  10. @anon lj? As in LiveJournal? No, why's that.

  11. I love this poem.

    But i love your cite more.

    It makes my days so much more enjoyable.

    much love.



    pictures of my boyfriend and i :] i thought they were relevent

  13. Vilka underbara bilder du har! Har du tagit dem själv?

  14. I can so relate to this post. It's pretty sad, but I'm glad to know that I am not the only one going through this. Just knowing others feel like this too lets me know that i am not alone! thanks!

  15. the boy im with leaves me like this. sends short msgs to me that make me smile so big i can't respond to what he writes. and i never expect him to. i never expected someone could leave me so open and naked and not feel vulnerable but safe.
    i never expected to watch my heart fall into one big happy messy puddle and be glad about it. to know that im growing because of what we have.

    this poem catches me a little. because i always wonder if what i have now is just a little bit of nothing. but the little bit he does for my health and thoughts makes me appreciate life so much more i can't help but forget work. and then scramble to do it so that i can see him again.

    i hope for you it's not nothing, but having written this you know it isn't, no matter what happens. stay distracted!

  16. i <3 this blog. so awesome.

    -hanna from finland

  17. i can relate. its never over; just avoided.

  18. I havent seen my boyfriend for a month now and the fact that we dont see each other makes our love even more stronger (: Thanks for the great blog & poem. Loving it <3

    S from Malaysia.

  19. Very cool romantic poem. Makes me smile inside.


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