Saturday, March 24, 2012

choose you

ph: Elisa N.

i really think you should know,
that of course i would choose you, always,
even though I love the other ones so, so much.
but I must protect my heart or it will never dare to love again.

because even though I love you and would do just about everything for you
you don't even love or respect me as much as to say that we're going to be friends when school's over.
and you will only hurt me even more than now.
but if I choose you every time
I won't have my other beautiful friends next to me when you break me
- once again and even more than you have already done.

don't you see?
I must take care of my heart,
take care of my friends
and sure, you're a friend who'll probably always be in my heart
but you don't deserve it.
you really don't. I would've liked you to though, because (I'll say it once more just because finally now I can admit it's true) I love you.
But I have to take care of the ones who really deserve my love.

and this hurts.
because for some weird reason I would like to choose you.
every time.
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