Thursday, September 22, 2011

thank you mr. one night stand

thank you mr. one night stand love photo love image,
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I arrived there on a plane, looking for adventure, looking for fun. I was running away from ghosts from my past, trying to get over the man who broken my heart in two. I had been putting on a brave face for my friends and family but I was dying on the inside, a piece of me had gone missing. I came to Iceland hoping to find that piece.

I sat in the hostel lobby with my friend laughing over the shenanigans of the night before when you looked over and our eyes met. I looked away because I was shy, because I was embarrassed to be starring at such a gorgeous stranger. I haven’t been this attracted to someone since meeting my last love; it was refreshing to feel something again. I came to this place with a broken heart, with feelings of sadness and remorse. I came looking for something new, something to make me forget all the pain; I guess I came looking for you. You came over with your friends and bought me a beer, you smiled and I blushed. “Thanks, you didn’t have to,” I replied and quickly looked away. The conversations at our table continued but all I wanted to do was talk to you. Our eyes kept drifting towards each other and I felt like your gaze was touching my soul, the connection was instant, and I knew you were something special. We left the hostel and went to a local pub; we stood on different sides of the room just starring at each other. You finally came over and told me how beautiful I was, how could I resist that cute foreign accent? How could I resist that smile? We kissed and I knew instantly that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. We told my friend we were going to leave and go back to our room, she told us we had one hour, so we rushed and took a cab. We spent the whole night worshipping each other’s bodies, it felt good, and I finally felt free. We talked and we laughed and when we checked the time we had been locked in my room for 6 hours, the time had flown by, it had felt like 1 hour. All the pain and frustration that I had been holding onto disappeared, you made me feel whole again. Your touch, your smile, your love gave me back what I had been missing. Who knew that a perfect stranger could cure a broken heart? My friend came back to our room so you had to leave. We weren’t ready for the night to end but what were we suppose to do? We said our good byes and talked about how we would one day meet again, both knowing it was unlikely. Neither of us mentioned that this was the end of our Icelandic fling, neither of us wanted to spoil the moment. After you left I laid in my bed smelling the scent of your cologne wondering if I would ever see you again, I couldn’t sleep I was too excited thinking about the events of the night. I have been home for one week and I still think about you. I thought I would feel regret or remorse for having a one-night stand but I feel invigorated, I feel whole. I write this because I want to say thank you Mr. one night stand for giving me a piece of myself back that I have been searching for. I will never forget you.



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