Monday, February 7, 2011

honey, i'd do anything


I imagine you'll appear out of nowhere. I'll be sitting on a bus full of all my friends. I imagine you will walk towards me and look at me with regret in your eyes. I imagine I'll be surprised in the expected kind of way, look back at you and shake my head because I'm tired. Tired of everything, but mostly tired of being without you. I imagine you'll simply say three sentences: I am sorry. I can't live without you. I love you. I imagine I will desperately hold back my tears, and then I will tell you I've moved on. I imagine you will get off the bus, and I will break down. He will put his strong arms around me, and I'll repeat it over and over again. I've moved on, I 've moved on, I've moved on. It will be a lie, and this will be our goodbye. In fact, I wish it was our goodbye.

It's been six months. I have imagined this every day. Honey, I'd do anything.
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